Winter Wonderland in the Finnish Lapland

October 13, 2020 by Hidden Doorways

Dash through the snow to explore Finnish Lapland’s winter wonderland with Nordic Luxury. Adventures include a reindeer safari where you will visit a reindeer farm run by a fifth-generation Lappish family and meet Mr. and Mrs. Claus afterwards over a warm traditional Christmas mulled wine, known as glöggi. For those looking to be more active, Finnish Lapland offers powdery trails for downhill skiing and snowboarding, horseback riding in the forest, and a snowmobile safari where you will have the opportunity to build your own igloo and possibly gaze upon the breathtaking Aurora Borealis lights.


View this sample itinerary from Nordic Luxury which designed to be tailored and customized to your clients’ interests.



Day 1 | Arrival to Lapland and Shaman Mystery Tour

Arrival to Levi, Finland.


Upon arrival to Kittila Airport, your Elf will meet you at the airport with a warm welcome drink.


Private transfer and check-in to Luxury Villas for 7 nights.

Venture out to meet a Finnish Shaman for a spiritual evening.

It all begins at the edge of a remote and frozen Finnish lake. You are guided into a traditional Sami hut where you find a blazing fire and benches laden with reindeer pelts; it’s here you wait for the Shaman to arrive. Then suddenly the sound of a beating drum; slow, steady, and as the rhythm grows louder a voice emerges. The Shaman enters singing an ancient joiking (traditional Sámi song). His voice is low and calming, it creates the almost sacred environment in which he begins to tell the Sami story: the birth of the world and the history of the land itself. His narrative is full of moving imagery and captivating portraits as he guides his guest through tales of his indigenous people. Finally, when the stories have been told and the songs have been sung, the Shaman presents his guests with traditional warm beverages and treats served right off the fire. It is a truly magical and mythical experience, unlike any other in Finland. A rare chance for travelers to encounter the hallowed history of this rich spiritual tradition.


Overnight in Levi.


Day 2 |  Reindeer Safari and Meeting Santa Claus

On this excursion, you will visit a reindeer farm owned by one Lappish family in the fifth generation. It lies on the bank of the longest river in Lapland and is surrounded by taiga forest. You’ll get to ride on a super-safari on reindeer sleds through a beautiful winter forest at relaxed pace. From the early morning the reindeer herder starts to prepare for the safari: harness reindeers and sleds, puts extra warm reindeer skins for the passengers, makes fresh tea and coffee, bakes fresh buns… After the ride you’ll be able to take pictures with the reindeers and feed them with lichen. Then a cup of hot tea or coffee with a bun in a warm guest cafe by an open fireplace will taste especially good. You can check out local hand-made souvenirs and look around the farm, which has many old buildings. The owner can tell you more interesting stories.


In the afternoon, you will meet Santa Claus and Ms. Claus in a secret hideaway in Levi and Quest “Hunting Christmas”. Santa Claus has a secret hideaway where together with his lead reindeer Rudolf he takes a break from busy days. Here in a relaxed country-side family atmosphere on the bank of Lappish river, in his cozy old Christmas house, Santa spends long evenings meeting his good friends from around the world.


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Santa with his reindeer Rudolf, his wife – Missis Claus (Fin. Muori) and their helper Elves. Santa invites you inside his Christmas house, where all will sit around crackling fire stove listening to Santa telling a Christmas story. Every child gets a chance to privately talk to Santa, sit on his knee, touch his beard, whisper own secret wishes for Christmas and of course, finally gets a present. Sitting on Santa’s knee is a special privilege, so don’t be surprised that even adults like to do it. Afterwards you together with Santa will sing a Christmas song together. In the meantime, Missis Claus treats everyone with home-made gingerbread cookies and traditional Finnish Christmas mulled wine drink, called “glöggi” (non-alcoholic for children and alcoholic for adults).


End the evening for a memorable dinner at Aurora Sky Restaurant where you will see a terrific private firework near the restaurant!


Overnight in Levi.

Day 3  |  Skiing and Finnish Traditions

Start your day with a thrilling Downhill skiing experience.


There is no shortage of opportunities for downhill skiing and snowboarding in Finnish Lapland. The blanket of powdery snow that extends throughout the region provides ideal conditions to discover many sights while you get your adrenaline pumping on the slopes. Whether you prefer an easy or more challenging trail, Finnish Lapland has a skiing and snowboarding experience for everyone. Descend over flat or rugged paths, bending and bobbing through the crisp air. While you dart around the striking landscape, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the beauty that Lapland has to offer.


In the afternoon,  you will learn more about Finnish traditions and the modern reindeer antler work currently being produced. After the performance, everyone will have an opportunity to make their own souvenir from reindeer antler (at the same time, familiarize yourself with a Lappish log-built home). Reindeer antler has always been an essential raw material for Lappish utility and decorative articles. It is an ecological material as the reindeer sheds its antlers every year.


Overnight in Levi.

Day 4 | Icelandic Horseback Riding and Finnish Sauna

Begin your day on a breathtaking Icelandic horse ride through the winding snowy paths in the forest.


After a day of exploration, you will visit a Traditional Smoke Sauna and end the evening with dinner. Unlike a regular sauna, the Finnish smoke sauna has no chimney. Instead, smoke from the indoor wood-fire stove becomes trapped inside and is ventilated out when the room becomes hot enough. The Finnish secret is using the residual heat of the stove to provide an unbelievably serene and transformative spa experience that lures many with its healing qualities.


The rejuvenating effects of the Finnish smoke sauna have long been used for bodily cleansing. In Finnish Lapland, there is nothing more peaceful than lounging in the dim and hushed atmosphere of the sauna, with the surrounding nature only a step away. You will sense that the woody aromas combined with the steam and hot air give the Finnish smoke sauna a completely different feeling. In fact, the Finnish use the word “löyly” to describe how each sauna gives off its own mood. It is, without a doubt, one of the most significant parts of Finnish culture, and an unmatched opportunity for relaxation. You can even take a dip outside in the hot tub or nearby ice-hole to refresh yourself amongst the snowy mountains and towering pine trees.


Overnight in Levi.

Day 5| Husky Safari and Northern Lights

Venture on a scenic drive to Tuikku Panorama restaurant set on the top of Levi mountain offer an excellent panoramic viewpoint when sky is clear.


Then you will head to a Husky farm for a 10 km husky safari. Your guide will introduce you to the life of the husky on the farm and you will complete a brief course of “the young dog-breeder”. Following that you will set off on your safari (distance is 10 km) on dog sleds that hold 1-2 people. One will drive and the other is a passenger, and should you wish you can swap places when you stop to rest and take pictures along the way. On your way back home, you will be offered hot berry juice, tea or coffee, and traditional cookies.


Tundra is waiting for you just outside of Levi center. In about 10 min drive by a comfortable car you will be taken to a traditional lean-to shelter with open fire, without tourist buzz, with unobstructed Northern hemisphere sky view and no light pollution. Your guide will introduce you to the mysterious Aurora Hunters’ world. Get yourself comfortable on the reindeer skins around the crackling fire and hear some interesting stories and legends about this natural phenomenon. We will be keeping our eyes on the sky all the time to spot an indication of Aurora.


Overnight in Levi.

Day 6| Snowshoeing and Dinner at Lainio Snow Village

Meet your guide for a snowshoeing experience. Hiking through the blanketed fells of Finnish Lapland is an incredible way to get a full view of the landscape and all its offerings. The snowy hills and ridged heaths become free to your exploration, with panoramic views of the distant nature.


In clear weather, the sun shines bright over the terrain, and the snow sparkles like a coating of crystals over the Lappish slopes. As you trek deeper into the Lapland, plenty of brilliant photography opportunities await. There is nothing quite like challenging yourself to brave the frigid land and engulf yourself completely in a one on one experience with the beautiful scenery.


In the evening, enjoy a visit to The Lainio Snow Village with an experiential dinner at the Ice Restaurant.


It is a snow hotel built with intricately designed rooms and sculptures. Every year, local sculptors flock to the area and let their creativity run wild. Over 20 million kilos of snow and 350,000 kilos of ice are used annually to construct the complex structures that form this frozen attraction.


Inside the hotel, vivid greens, purples, and pinks light up the hallways like the magnificent Auroras. Spectacularly carved snow suites make for a one-of-a-kind overnight stay. You can even explore the Ice Chapel, dressed in white with crystal pews and alters, or the special Ice Bar.


Enjoy a unique and memorable 3-course dinner sat at ice tables and chairs in the beautiful Snow Restaurant sculpted from ice and snow.


Overnight in Levi.

Day 7 | Building Snow Igloo and Snowmobile Safari

Today, you will get a unique experience and have a chance to build your own Snow Igloo.


Have you ever wondered how to survive in a snowy wilderness with hardly any equipment and make a shelter to overnight in during a snowstorm? We are offering you these new skills through the unforgettable experience of building real snow igloo, as a team! Your teacher will be a professional guide to arctic wilderness. The program requires normal physical condition, moderate resistance to the cold, and ability to handle a snow shovel. The building spot is on the ice of the Levi lake. Every snow igloo built on this program contributes to our Snow Igloo park visited by many tourists in Levi.


The builders’ names and home country can be marked on the outpost sign next to the igloo. Your guide will prepare a warm drink and some snacks for you inside the snow igloo which you built.

In the evening, you will try your luck in searching for the Auroras snowmobile safari.


You will be at a premium Aurora Borealis sighting location at the best time to spot the magic lights. Driving through the dark landscapes is an awesome experience itself but if the sky is clear and you are lucky, you can experience the beautiful show of northern lights, a star-studded sky or mystical full moon. Our goal is a wilderness camp at a location where you have clear view on the northern sky.


Good stories, a tasty snack and hot beverages are guaranteed, even if the Auroras would fail you tonight!


Day 8 | Departure from Lapland

Enjoy breakfast at the Villas before departing for a private transfer to Kittila Airport.




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