What’s New at Vik Retreats Uruguay: The Ultimate Winter Escape

September 8, 2021 by Hidden Doorways

Exterior of Bahia Vik


Imagine relocating for a few weeks or the entire winter to José Ignacio, a soulful remote Uruguayan beach town. For those seeking room to roam with a variety of outdoor activities, consider a stay at the chic Vik Retreats: Estancia VikBahia Vik and Playa Vik. Ideal for couples, families and special celebrations, guests can enjoy full moon horseback riding at Estancia Vik, rejuvenating flows at Shack Yoga at Bahia Vik, new children’s activity summer camp and more. Uruguay is reopening its borders beginning November 1st to fully vaccinated foreigners with a negative PCR test upon arrival.


Estancia Vik, Playa Vik and Bahia Vik each offer distinct experiences while working in tandem to provide guests with an unmatched getaway in the bohemian-chic village of José Ignacio.Nestled in the rolling hills of Uruguay, guests will find Estancia Vik, a traditional Spanish colonial structure, and gauchos waiting at the stable. At the Estancia, guests will enjoy an authentic Uruguayan ranch experience, complete with a traditional asado.

Let the gauchos lead you through the horsetails on the remarkable 4,000-acre property, swim in the nearby lagoon with Criollo horses, or try your hand at polo on the property’s professional polo field.

Just down the beach, enjoy a spectacular beach holiday at Bahia Vik. Relax in one of the four large pools, swim in the waves, or partake in an evening bonfire on the sand dunes.

Around sunset, all visitors can head down the beach to La Susana for fresh ceviche, dancing, and spectacular vistas. As with all Vik Retreats, Estancia Vik, Playa Vik and Bahia Vik celebrate art and design, with each retreat space, including every guest room, showcasing individual art and décor. As Uruguay reopens its borders this fall, there is no better place to enjoy the striking destination, where the beauty of nature meets innovative design and transformative experiences, to promise escapes guests will never forget.


Highlights at Vik Retreats Uruguay:

Estancia Vik: Venture on full moon horseback ride every month, followed by a picnic BBQ. Polo experiences is a must and now offers a course to tee-off and play rustic golf.


Playa Vik: It is the best spot to catch the fabulous sunset of José Ignacio. Ideal for couples and families with young adults.


Bahia Vik: Offers a toe-in-sand and bare luxury experience where you wake-up listening to the sound track of the South Atlantic waves crashing on the beach. This property is amazing for larger parties, families, small kids.


The properties have been busy with the debut and expansion of The Shack Yoga and Wellness at Bahia Vik. Alex & Carrie Vik, the innovators behind Vik Retreats, partnered with Isabella Channing, owner of The Shack Yoga in José Ignacio, a beloved studio frequented by locals and visitors alike, to conceive a new wellness sanctuary and spa experience.
The Shack Yoga and Wellness at Bahia Vik features a yoga studio, a state-of-the-art fitness center, personal training, one-off retreats and workshops, a spa, and a cold-pressed juice and tea bar.
The wellness center is open to both guests and the local community and with incredible demand in the local market over the past year, they expanded the fitness center and creatively re-imagined The Pavilion, a newly debuted event space to accommodate group fitness classes.


Located directly on the beach and featuring hundreds of skylights in the form of stars, The Pavilion creates a backdrop for yoga unlike any other with views out across the wide sands and turquoise waters.



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