Continental Cycling: Biking Adventures at Europe’s Top Hotels

July 10, 2024 by Hidden Doorways

From rugged mountain trails to gourmet city tours and scenic coastal routes, cycling adventures across Europe provide a unique way to discover the continent’s diverse landscapes and rich cultures. When these journeys begin at world-class hotels, the experience becomes truly unforgettable. Join us as we pedal through some of Europe’s most captivating destinations, where Hidden Doorways’ collection of luxury accommodations serves as the perfect starting point for unforgettable cycling adventures.


Rugged Roaming

Just 15 minutes from Palma by car, surrounded by citrus orchards and panoramic views of the mountains is Grand Hotel Son Net. Thanks to its location, it serves as an ideal jumping-off point for cyclists – both seasoned and green – looking to explore. A fleet of bicycles are available for guests to take one of the many trails available from the hotel — whether looking to visit Palma old town, one of the beautiful villages typical to the region or simply to take in the best views of the Serra de Tramuntana while riding through lush and rugged vegetation, there is much on offer to suit every level of cyclist.


Through the Vines

Where olive groves sit alongside vineyards — cycling around Priorat is the perfect combination of adventure and relaxation. Setting off from Grand Hotel Mas d’en Bruno, e-bikes along with virtual guides are provided to offer some assistance for a hilly ride surrounded by views of the Monstant Mountains. Weaving through a wine region dotted with small yet perfectly formed municipalities dating back as far as the 13th century, explorers can soak up some history, sample the fruits of the region’s best vines and choose from an abundance of idyllic picnic spots to make a memorable trip.


Ride and Replenish

Combining Copenhagen’s best bike routes with its passion for food, Nordic Luxury has created a new way to experience ‘The City of Spires’. Starting at Svajerbar, a shipping container that’s been converted into a pop-up bar on the harbor-side of the city’s trendy Vesterbro district, cyclists are given their bikes along with a bespoke bag containing a glass, fine cutlery, a water bottle, a personalized map and tour journal before their culinary adventure begins. Food lovers will revel in stops at gourmet hotspots like Kødbyen. Pedaling through Copenhagen’s picturesque streets to a number of locations that require each implement in the bag to be used and the journal to be filled, each tour can be adapted to skill level and gourmet preferences for a truly unique experience of the city.


Pedal Through Paradise 

High on the rugged cliffs of Folegandros sits Gundari — a luxury retreat far from neighboring Santorini’s crowds and very much a destination with its own charm. Here, the landscape is relatively untouched and wild in its beauty — lending itself as an adventurous spot to explore by bike. The hotel can provide guided tours on electric bikes, or guests can simply set off solo to discover the far corners of the island in solitude. Where heavy terrain meets whitewashed towns and panoramic views of the Aegean can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points. 


Mountainside Italy

A spa hotel nestled in the charming town of Merano in the Dolomites, Palace Merano combines traditional Chinese medicine with state-of-the-art technology to provide a range of restorative wellness retreats renowned the world over. Alongside a wellness program, guests have the opportunity to explore the infamous mountain region by foot or bike thanks to its many trails. Whether meandering along beautiful rivers or taking more challenging climbs into higher altitudes, it’s an experience that gives guests a chance to connect with nature and enhance relaxation.


City By Saddle

When it comes to city breaks, sometimes exploring by foot just doesn’t cover enough ground and, with so much to see in the Swiss capital of Bern, it makes sense to take to the streets on a set of wheels. Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & Spa is an ideal base — close to the UNESCO old town and other historical sites. Traveling by bike, there’s an extensive menu of options to choose from. Starting at the Gothic cathedral and 16th-century fountains of the old town to take in some of the city’s history, cyclists can hop off bikes to check out the historical covered markets and grab a bite for the journey. The Rosengarten (rose garden) offers spectacular views of the city and is well worth the climb, meanwhile back in the town the bear park, a wide variety of microbreweries and plenty of local cuisine options are ready to be devoured before returning to the hotel for a dip in the Aare River which is just a stone’s throw away.


Ancient Adventure

One for thrill-seekers, Cape Sounio resides close enough to the temple of Poseidon for guests to be able to cycle there. Those keen to do so can leave the comfort of one of the many luxury villas and private beaches of the resort for some off-road exploration. Where rocky cycle routes meet awe-inspiring ancient Greek architecture — here is a ride for those looking to connect with the history that surrounds them and balance rest and relaxation with an unforgettable adventure.


Highland Climb

There’s no better way to experience the vast expanses of Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park than by bike. The Fife Arms, based in historical Braemar, can provide guests with bicycles or e-bikes to embrace the elements and explore the local surroundings. A natural playground filled with spectacular wildlife, ancient castles, scenic picnic spots and more.


Ride of a Lifetime

Where the buzz of the city meets lakeside serenity, Zurich has plenty to discover by bike and the pleasantly appointed Dolder Grand offers e-bikes on a complimentary basis to make the journey all the more enjoyable. The hotel’s concierge, Jan-Luca Funck, has put together an 80-kilometer route that includes stops at two lakes, a medieval castle, a selection of eateries and a couple of climbs to enjoy some of the city’s most spectacular views — an adventure most certainly awaits…

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