Introducing Shinta Mani Hotels

November 13, 2023 by Hidden Doorways

Cambodia: a kingdom of two halves calls, promising adventure, mysticism and memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Holding you while you voyage either through its mountains, its rivers and its jungle depths or the electric hustle and bourgeois bustle of its towns and cities is a choice of two crown jewel resorts brought to you by Shinta Mani Hotels – pioneers in responsible, luxurious tourism.

First up, Shinta Mani Angkor and Bensley Collection Pool Villas set in Siem Reap’s French Quarter – a district known for world-class dining and shopping while being just ten minutes from Angkor Wat’s UNESCO World Heritage treasures. Its tranquil setting is lush and botanical, lulling you into serenity but with more of an upscale boutique personality that reminds you the buzz of Siem Reap is never too far away.

Whether you choose a poolside room in one of its two wings, or one of its impeccably appointed pool villas with your very own dedicated Bensley Butler, a stay here is about comfort and class as well as a perfectly struck balance between the allure of the wild and the proximity of the city.

The dynamic draw of Siem Reap isn’t the only environment Shinta Mani Angkor has to offer. The foothills of the Kulen escarpment where you’ll climb through forests and uncover the 8th-century Hindy Gods carved into the rock face are in fact a stone’s throw away. Or, journey further and you could be one of the few travelers to set eyes on the Pong Keoy Temple that’s buried deep in a remote jungle and can only be reached by a day’s drive or 30-minute helicopter journey followed by a hike or oxcart trail. A once-in-a-lifetime private temple lunch rewards you for your efforts as you soak in the rare and sacred atmosphere.

Shinta Mani’s second Cambodian offering takes you deeper into the wilderness and is thus aptly named Shinta Mani Wild – a Bensley Collection. Positioned between the Bokor and Kirirom National Parks – Shinta Mani Wild’s vast plains were once home to abundant Asian elephants, river otters and the mysterious pangolin. Over time, the wilderness has become fragile, but under Shinta Mani Wild’s unwavering guard, they are restoring it day by day with the help of its guests – part of the room rate pays for the Wildlife Alliance rangers to police the area.

On the topic of rooms, accommodations here are luxurious tents inspired by the safari tours experienced by Jacky O and King Sihanouk in the 1960s – the golden era of his reign. With only 15 in total, they’re speckled across 1.5 kilometers of river and natural waterfalls and surrounded by mountains home to historic sites dating as far back as the 15th-century.

Whichever Shinta Mani resort calls to you, what bonds them both is its founder and architect Bill Bensley’s heart project – The Shinta Mani Foundation. Interest-free loans to local entrepreneurs, a partnership with Wildlife Alliance to safeguard Cambodia’s last remaining untouched forests, and a School of Hospitality that has supported more than 300 Cambodian graduates, bettering their chances of stable employment are just a few examples of its efforts. Add to that 1,7555 water wells and almost 15,000 health check-ups for children later, and you start to form a picture of Shinta Mani being a force for good in every respect.

Sustainable efforts, mind-blowing sights and scenery, adventures into the unknown, mouthwatering organic Cambodian cuisine and a constant cushion of luxury to come back to at the end of each captivating day, this is Shinta Mani.


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