Travel with Purpose with Hidden Doorways: Earth Day 2022

April 7, 2022 by Laura Fishman

Photo Courtesy of The Tetiaroa Society & The Brando


As we honor and celebrate our planet on April 22nd, we are delighted to share our clients’ extraordinary conservation, sustainability, regenerative, and social responsibility initiatives to help guests travel more consciously and become stewards of the world.


The Covid-19 pandemic has given us new perspective on our lives and of our world. It has reminded us of what we truly miss about it- exploring, while finding solace in nature and creating more profound connections with each other and our ecosystems.



The Stewards of Tetiaroa: The Brando

Tetiaroa, French Polynesia


The Brando is the ultimate example of how a luxurious resort can be a leader in sustainability. It preserves Tetiaroa’s 12 secluded motus and the atoll’s rare cinematic beauty in Tahiti. The Tetiaroa Society continues Marlon Brando’s vision through Richard Bailey’s commitment to sustainable tourism to support Tetiaroa’s community through educational programs, scientific research, and conservation programs with the conception of the Ecostation and Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC). In 2022, they are launching the Blue Climate Initiative global initiative bringing together scientists, community groups, entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, influencers, and others to protect the ocean and accelerate ocean-related strategies to address the climate crisis and other pressing environmental issues. 

In partnership with The Brando and the Tetiaroa Society, guests can venture out on guided tours with trained professionals in Tetiaroa’s biodiversity and cultural history to see the atoll’s natural beauty from seabird nesting sites to a coral reef system, archaeological sites and more. Children can also explore this atoll’s natural beauty through educational programs at the Lagoon School

Blending In: Kasiiya Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica


Meaning “find your pace” in Swahili, Kasiiya is an intimate wilderness retreat tucked away in Costa Rica’s verdant Peninsula Papagayo-a country known for its biodiversity and commitment to lowering its carbon footprint. Its location is discreet; set amongst 123 acres of an exclusive coastal fringed jungle straddled by three secluded beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the heart of Guanacaste. Designed by Parisian architectural firm AW2, the bones of this award-winning Costa Rican hideaway blend into its natural surroundings with the goal to tread respectfully and not leave a footprint. This breezy open-air eco-retreat offers seven luxurious tented suites with two additional beach- front suites coming in November 2021. Kasiiya is an incredibly special place that was designed to evolve with its incredible surrounding environment, topography and climate while deeply respecting its connection with the natural world.

Kokomo Private Island Fiji

Kadavu Islands, Fiji


Discover Kokomo Private Island Fiji-an untouched Fijian gem set in the pristine Kadavu Islands in the South Pacific. While there are more than 300 islands to discover in Fiji’s archipelago, Kokomo is one of the most impressive private island resorts in Fiji, surrounded by the astounding crystalline waters of the Great Astrolabe Reef, and accessible only by helicopter or seaplane. Committed to regeneration, Kokomo embraces multiple sustainable strategies that promise long term success on the island they call home. Guests can make a positive impact during their day by participating in the island’s ecological programs, learning how to transplant coral in the surrounding reef, planting and restoring mangroves, supporting the island’s sustainable fishing initiative “Dock to Fish”, and visiting the island’s farm to name a few.



Costa Rican Trails

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known as a living Eden, is one of the most biodiverse nations in the world. Leading the ultimate environmental frontier, it recently announced an ambitious plan to decarbonize its economy by 2050. Costa Rican Trails is your guide to discover the beauty of this lush eco-minded country with curated outdoor activities and exhilarating excursions to celebrate the pura vida spirit while immersing in the natural wonderland of Costa Rica. No two days are the same touring with their guides, families especially will enjoy zip lining through the rainforest, hiking to natural springs, spotting hundreds of indigenous birds to meeting a volcanologist.

Kasiiya Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Kasiiya is currently working on two new ocean conservation programs surrounding sea turtle restoration and coral reef preservation. In September, Kasiiya commissioned a marine biologist to conduct an assessment of the marine life activity and identify any endangered species. This information will be used to develop and tailor Kasiiya’s ocean conservation programs to what is most urgently needed.


DNA Barcoding Project – In Spring 2022, Kasiiya will be the first hotel to ever launch a DNA barcoding project to identify the species inhabiting the 123-acre property. Costa Rica is considered to be a biological hotspot home to just as many species as North America. The Guanacaste region specifically, has 65% of Costa Rica’s total biodiversity, approximately 2/3 of all the biodiversity found in North America. Thus, understanding the costal biodiversity of Costa Rica is incredibly important for the future wellbeing of the ecosystem, both on the local and global scale. DNA coding aims to catalog this information and make it available to all, not just to elite scientist, to encourage a more bio-literate society and a better use of resources for future generations. Kasiiya’s project is part of an NGO federal-government partnership with the Área de Conservación Guanacaste (ACG) and the Costa Rican government.

Pikaia Lodge

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


For nature lovers, there are few places as spectacular as like the Galápagos Islands, the birthplace of Darwin’s theory of evolution. While this ecosystem is legendary, it’s also fragile. In 2019, approximately 271,000 travelers came to the Galápagos’ shores. Since the lockdown in 2020, visitors were reduced to zero allowing nature to replenish its flourishing ecosystem that can be seen from vegetation along trails to nesting iguanas. Naturalist guides today remark that it is easier to see the famed indigenous blue-footed boobies as well as sea lions in the local bays and piers.


Pikaia Lodge is your home base to explore the Galápagos Islands. This eco-lodge sits in the middle of a giant tortoise reserve spanning 31 hectares, which once used to be a cattle ranch, but the soil was worn away due to the grazing. Pikaia Lodge took on the massive task of reforesting the grounds and to dates has planted over 11,000 trees, resulting in many tortoises and other wild animals returning to the area. The sleek, minimalist, yet luxurious eco-lodge is carbon neutral, powered by alternative energy sources. Rainwater is collected for cooking and drinking. What’s more, they’re dedicated to bringing endemic flora and fauna back to the former cattle ranch. A population of wild tortoises lives on property and the wild birds are swiftly returning

Mustang Monument

Wells, Nevada


If you are seeking adventure this summer, plan a trip to northern Nevada to experience a Western-inspired safari in the presence of hundreds of wild mustang horses at Mustang Monument Eco-Resort & Preserve. A passion project in its truest form, Madeleine Pickens, an American businesswoman and philanthropist, founded Mustang Monument to save the rare wild mustangs and bring travelers closer to America’s iconic Western culture. Set on 900 square miles of open plains, this remote and truly special homestead offers an all-inclusive experience with 10 chic cottages, farm-to-table cuisine, and a variety of activities to connect you to the remote vastness of the American West. In the mornings, guests can wake up early to take part in a memorable excursion that begins with a hayride and ends with a feeding of the majestic mustangs.

Gili Lankanfushi

North Malé Atoll, Maldives


Gili Lankanfushi is another worthy steward of a Maldivian paradise where sustainability is at the heart of the property. Like Six Senses Laamu and its neighbors, this tropical eco-resort has pledged to stop the removal of seagrass from around Lankanfushi Island. While seagrass meadows get less press than coral reefs, they are just as important to the health of the ocean. When Gili Lankanfushi closed for renovations two years ago, they seized the opportunity to develop coral transplanting techniques to help revitalize the ocean after the 2016 bleaching event. Guests can see these projects up close through the “Gili Underwater Story,” a guided journey with an in-house marine biologist to learn about the local marine life and how to protect it.




Rajasthan, India


Conservation is deeply rooted in SUJÁN’s ethos, which is evident throughout its three wilderness camps located in Rajasthan, India. Its founders Anjali and Jaisal Singh are some of the most respected voices and visionaries advocating for positive change for India’s endangered wildlife conservation and local communities. During the pandemic, Anjali and Jaisal have been re-imagining SUJÁN for guests to become a part of its story, as their family has a deep connection to Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. Your stay at their camps contributes to its vast conservation efforts while supporting its wildlife populations, local schools and nearby communities. While staying at SUJÁN, you will become connected to India on a deeper level, whether it is getting up close to entrancing leopards on billion-year-old granite rock formations or immersing yourself in local culture by walking with a Rabari herdsmen at JAWAI, spotting Royal Bengal Tigers at Sher Bagh or marveling at the local craftsmanship that blend into its desert surroundings at The Serai. In its on-going effort to preserve its endangered tigers, SUJÁN partnered with Tiger Watch, led by Dharm Khandal, Conservation Biologist. Jaisal is also a Member of the Government of Rajasthan’s Standing Committee for Wildlife and the State Wildlife Board while Anjali’s portraits of the Ranthanbore tigers and wildlife continue to inspire us with the chance to see one up close.

The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand


New Zealand is an outdoor enthusiast’s heaven. Known for its otherworldly diverse landscapes, exhilarating activities, organic and biodynamic wine and more. Set 6,000 acres of rolling pastures on the rugged coast of Hawke’s Bay, guests get a taste of New Zealand farm life at The Farm at Cape Kidnappers on the North Island. Home to New Zealand’s precious Kiwis, which are rare birds found only in New Zealand. Guests can join their Sanctuary Manager, on extraordinary, guided discovery walks of the Sanctuary’s Cape to spot and find indigenous bird species like the elusive Kiwi. 



Ellerman House

Cape Town, South Africa


Kindness to each other has shined a light during the dark times of this pandemic. Ellerman House is a Relais & Chateaux property committed to serving Cape Town’s vulnerable communities and invites guests to join them, along with their partners, to prepare and deliver food to local communities. This Earth Day marks a year since Ellerman House kicked off Music for Meals and announced its initial pledge to prepare over 100 meals a day to its local communities in need. Over 7.1 million meals have been served including 133,243 bags of maize, 14,006 bags of fortified porridge and 127,548 hot meals. If you’d like to get involved or make donation to Music for Meals, a project close to their hearts in partnership with South African and international musicians where you can view pasts concerts and chefs demos on their website.

Micato Safari

East and Southern Africa


Throughout the pandemic, The Micato-AmericaShare team in Nairobi, Kenya have been working around the clock to distribute masks around Mukuru-the community where their non-profit is based. In response to the challenges faced by COVID-19, Huru, a partner of Micato Safaris, pivoted their business to make face masks for young women in Mukuru, one of Nairobi’s largest housing projects. Huru is known for manufacturing reusable sanitary pads, which have been provided to more than 175,000 girls in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Kasiiiya Papagayo

Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Social responsibility is a core value of Kasiiya reinvests a percentage of all revenue back into the local community to support the people of Guanacaste and Costa Rica by preserving their culture and natural environment. By staying at Kasiiya, travelers are contributing to the property’s environmental and conservation programs through its Impact Bill, and community-driven initiatives that aspire to create a healthy interdependence with the local community.


Kasiiya’s Entrepreneurship Foundation invests in locals to start or grow their own business, transforming human capital into social infrastructure for the entire community. Kasiiya covers startup costs, offers entrepreneurs legal and administrative support, in addition to skills training. Each business is able to grow independently and provide ongoing employment opportunities within the wider community.The first success of this program came as Kasiiya helped carpenter Doilin established his own company by financing the purchase of a small carpentry shop with all equipment and supplies.

Casa Palopó

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Color has the transformative power to change people’s lives. Casa Palopó, Guatemala’s first Relais & Chateaux property set on the shores of the famed Lake Atitlán, invites guests to partake in an immersive experience and uplift the spirits of locals living in the nearby Guatemalan village of Santa Catarina by painting their homes in vibrant colorful hues and geometric patterns with its organization Pintando Santa Catarina.




Heckfield Place

Hampshire, England


It begins with the soil at Heckfield Place. This lovingly restored Georgian family home set on 438-acres in Hampshire, England is constantly evolving with nature and redefining the idea of a country hotel with its credited biodynamic farm in 2020, farm-to-fork offerings, a natural skincare line and more. The hotel rooms are zero plastic and zero single-use plastic in the Kitchens while all lamps run on LED. To reduce water costs, 70,000 litre is extracted every day from a nearby bore hole. Everything the hotel does relates to nature by preserving its Woodlands, which date back to 1865 when William Wildsmith was brought to Heckfield Place as a foreman and became its head gardener in 1867. Today the estate manages the original woodlands and ancient trees while propagating centuries-old trees in their Biodynamic Tree Nursery so they can be enjoyed for another 150 years. Heckfield Place opens our eyes to better, more natural ways of living and being and believes its guests are the future custodians of this stunning English estate and countryside.

Southall Farm & Inn

Franklin, Tennessee

Nestled in the lush rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee, Southall Farm & Inn is a sweeping countryside enclave: this sustainable farm-based luxury resort is home to 325 acres of green. Scheduled to open in August 2022, Southall offers a unique escape that reflects traditional Southern hospitality and honors the agricultural heritage of the area. Everything at Southall is in perfect harmony with its surroundings, evoking a deep love of nature as well as the traditions and histories of the farming way of life. Along with the biodynamic working farm and seed-to-soul dining philosophy, the property will also include expansive apple orchards, an orangerie, greenhouses, a seasonal farm stand to provide ingredients for its nourishing seasonal menus.

Twin Farms

Barnard, Vermont


Twin Farms is a famed culinary destination set in the secluded, lush countryside of Vermont with cozy yet luxurious accommodations and cottages that offer spectacular farm-to-table gourmet experiences evolving with the seasons. Executive Chef Nathan Rich and his team specialize in clean, crisp dishes made by sourcing fresh ingredients, produce, and meats from neighboring farms. The seasons act as inspiration for the ever-changing farm-to-table menus. As dining is an integral part of your stay, their Culinary Team customizes each menu with thoughtfully paired wines from its cellar of 15,000 bottles that are sustainable, organic, and biodynamic. A stay at Twin Farms is a truly spectacular experience in every way, and there’s no wonder why it is considered one of the most beloved Relais & Chateaux properties in New England.

Brush Creek Ranch

Saratoga, Wyoming


Nestled across 30,000 acres of expansive, rolling wildness at the base of Medicine Bow National Forest surrounded by the Sierra Madres Mountains in south central Wyoming outside the historic town of Saratoga, Brush Creek Ranch imbues the heart of the American West. This iconic ranch has made transformational strides to live off the land following the traditions of pioneers who went out West. Brush Creek Ranch not only operates an authentic cattle ranch sustainably. Following the traditions of the pioneers who went West, they work to operate an authentic cattle ranch sustainably with rotational grazing, forest management and run a 20,000-square-foot greenhouse that produces enough fruit, vegetables and herbs to supply the entire property. They also help educate guests on locavore cuisine. This learning – and eating – takes place at The Farm, a 40,000-square-foot complex that includes a creamery, distillery, cellar, bakery and restaurant with exceptional seed-to-table cuisine.

The Retreat

Barrio Jesús de Atenas, Costa Rica


Perched on a 50-acre quartz mountain in Atenas overlooking rolling green hills and the Pacific Ocean, The Retreat is an immersive healing haven redefining wellness in Costa Rica founded by wellness guru, Diana Stobo. The Retreat has established some concrete actions to respect the environment and make a positive impact through its local community, to preserve its natural surroundings, like chemical-free spa treatments. Anti-inflammatory meals are the heartbeat to its wellness programs, and The Retreat it has an organic permaculture farm and locally sourced fish and meat for its restaurant which specializes in a farm-to-table menu that evolves with the seasons. Supporting its local community, 90% of their employees are from the area, while  excursions are designed to support local farmers, cultural tourism and animal reforestation projects.

Nature to Nurture

Learn More about Six Senses’ Extraordinary Sustainability Impacts here.


We hope this sparks inspiration to become better citizens of the natural world through travel, in the world to be more responsible, conscious travelers who are curious about Earth. Travel transcends borders while helping us to be more mindful about our carbon footprint and the ability to make a positive impact in the world around us, a core belief to Hidden Doorways’ ethos.


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