Embracing Slow Wellbeing at Mii amo in Sedona, Arizona

December 5, 2022 by Perrie Hartz

Relaxation Lounge:
With floor-to-ceiling glass facing the red rock wall of Boynton Canyon, this new Relaxation Lounge has a direct connection to the landscape. Native plantings are arranged around an existing boulder that was uncovered during the renovation. Stone flooring and a wood ceiling frame the view, and skylit daybed niches (not shown) provide private areas for relaxation.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 


Located within Boynton Canyon, Mii amo is a renowned award-winning destination spa surrounded by Sedona, Arizona’s dramatic natural beauty, nestled among the stunning red rocks and Pinyon Pines and Sedona’s healing energetic vortex. This intimate and secluded enclave encourages guests to embrace “slow wellbeing” with the time and space to reflect, reconnect, restore, and re-engage with the facets of our lives that most fulfill us.

Arrival Circle:
The new two-story Fitness and Movement Studio sits to the right of Mii amo’s Main Entrance and enjoys views of the Kachina Woman rock formation.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

Opened in 2001, Mii amo is recognized as a pioneer and leader amongst luxury spa and wellbeing resorts, lauded for its team of professionals, wellness programs, setting, architecture, and design. The property recently underwent an extensive renovation, reopening to guests in February 2023.

With the design of the new and reimagined spaces by Dana Tang of Gluckman Tang Architects, Mii amo has elevated its sense of place that usher in natural light and perfectly frame the vivid red rock walls surrounded the enclave. Other new spaces connect guests to the natural surroundings and the outdoors, including the Relaxation Lounge, Journey Lounge, Sensory Garden with a reflexology path and much more. The property has also expanded its outdoor dining area to include an al fresco lounge and fireplace. Other landscape features include a labyrinth, a hammock grove, yoga lawn, and The Mii amo Pool—which now includes a new pool deck—all with incredible views over Sedona’s vast topography.

New Mii amo Casitas Living Room:
Each new Mii amo Casita features a spacious living room with a coffee station and a journaling area. A window wall provides connection to the private outdoor courtyard and fireplace.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

In addition to a full renovation of Mii amo’s existing 16 luxury ‘Casita’ guest rooms and suites, three new Casita buildings have been added. All accommodations include cozy gas fireplaces and outdoor spaces with views of the raw beauty of the canyon. They also come with plush beds with luxury linens, heated bathroom floors and Mii amo’s signature bath amenities. New suites have their own private courtyards with fireplaces and outdoor seating, perfect for stargazing. Casitas range from the queen-bedded 450 square foot room to a two-bedroom 1,340 square foot luxury Suite, equip with one king and two queen beds, private courtyard, whirlpool, outdoor shower, fireplaces, and yoga area.

Private Courtyard at New Mii amo Casitas:
A private courtyard with a fireplace and canyon views extends the experience of the new Casita Suites to the outdoors.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

New communal spaces on the property include the chic Living Room, which features a new sunken seating lounge area that allows guests to fully relax and connect to the earth while enjoying the warmth of a new wood-burning fireplace. Mii amo’s beloved and recently refreshed Crystal Grotto remains an ideal site for daily meditation and reflection. This circular space, with its earthen floor and domed ceiling, centers around a pedestal of petrified wood featuring a gentle fountain and an illuminated quartz crystal.

Mii amo Living Room:
A new sunken seating lounge allows guests to relax and connect to the earth, while private, sunlit daybeds line the perimeter of the Living Room and offer connection to the sky and sun. The wood-burning fireplace anchors a comfortable new lounge.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

Hummingbird, Mii amo’s new signature restaurant, will showcase an eclectic culinary program focused on wellness, a cornerstone of the Mii amo experience. Designed to be an airy, light-filled space by day and a tranquil, candlelit space by night, the restaurant will source seasonal produce from its own Chef’s Garden as well as from nearby farms, ranches, and orchards. The fully redesigned Juice Bar will provide refreshing and nutritious beverages by day and full bar and wine service in the evenings.

The new restaurant, Hummingbird, connects to the outdoors with full-height doors that frame views of the surrounding canyon. Leather banquettes and dining booths create a cozy dining experience. The shaded outdoor Hummingbird Terrace features a large fireplace and comfortable seating.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

Mii amo’s world-renowned spa facilities will now include 21 treatment rooms: 14 single massage rooms, three facial rooms, two rooms with dry float tables, one sound lounge, and one couple’s massage room as well as new steam rooms and saunas. The brand-new consultation wing will have a dedicated relaxation space for mindfulness sessions.

As part of a commitment to ‘slow wellbeing,’ Mii amo has also extended the lengths of all treatments. The refreshed spa menu will include a selection of services unique to Mii amo as well as guest favorites. Mii amo specific services include Inner Quest, Charka Balancing, Connection Ceremony, and Soul Consciousness. Inner Quest is a journey of exploration to a path of deep inner clarity. Ceremonial elements of braided sweet grass (representing the braids of grandmother), rawhide drums (to open the four directions), and cedar/sage oil (sacred plants) are all part of a journey lead by one of Mii amo’s many skilled guides. Chakra Balancing uses scented vibrational oils aligned with the body’s seven chakra centers in conjunction with their coordinating colors of minerals, crystals, and stones. The oils vibrate at the frequency of each chakra and, when combined with energy work, guide one toward more balance and clarity.

Sensory Garden and Fitness:
The new Fitness studio looks out over the Sensory Garden, planted with fragrant native
vegetation and designed around a reflexology path and water feature. Arizona Sycamore trees provide shade for quiet seating areas.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

The extensive massage menu offers the traditional treatments like Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Lymphatic, while other specific massages like Reflexology, Ancestral Stone Massage, Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, and Abhyanga Shirodhara are also available. Spa guests are also offered Traditional Thai and Thai Table massages.

Journey Lounge:
The Journey Lounge is a place to gather and relax. A wall of windows offers sweeping views of the red rocks beyond, including the Kachina Woman rock formation. A bronze fireplace provides a warm anchor to the room.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

Mii amo believes that each of the four seasons offers unique and energetic qualities and influences. The Celestial Cycles program is tailored to express each season and its cycle, and the menu of services offers comfort and guidance on the journey through the four seasons. Each treatment draws on the color, element, and unique qualities of its cycle to provide a connection between oneself and the natural flow of the surrounding world.

Mii amo Pool:
The Mii amo Pool offers spectacular views of Boynton Canyon. A new pool deck and finishes reflect the natural colors of the canyon, and new furnishings offer an elevated guest experience.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

Mii amo Body Treatments include varying types of exfoliations, wraps and massages, including Jojoba body butter wraps, High Desert Enzyme wraps, Dusha Balancing, and Desert Mist Body Renewal. Each has its own special union of products and protocols with results that will delight both the body and mind.

Energy and Spirit sessions at Mii amo are approached with an open heart and mind, creating journeys that foster clarity, deepen insights, and guide one toward finding inner wisdom. From Energy Clearing to Reiki Healing and Hypnosis, these healing rituals are performed by a practitioners and Reiki Masters and help to raise your frequency, which clears your energy field and allows you to better receive the healing powers of Reiki.

Mii amo offers multiple Meditation sessions, from Basic Mediation to highly specific focuses like Journey Through the Chakras, Spirit of Nature, and Labyrinth Walk. Other Meditative experiences include Earth’s Embrace, Cranial Sacral, Astrology, and Past Life Regression sessions. Tarot readings, Palmistry, Numerology and Pendulum sessions are also offered for guests looking for more clarity and a higher level of understanding of life’s paths.

Using the energy of the surrounding canyons, Mii amo’s Spirit of the New Moon and Spirit of the Full Moon Manifesting ceremonies guides you through a grounding and reflective footbath, the penning of your intentions, and a full body massage in which geranium and pine oil are used to open your mind and expand your energy level. The Medicine Wheel ceremony journeys through the four cardinal directions of the compass points and the natural elements of each. East (air), West (water), South (earth) and North (fire) each have a guiding spirit symbolizing the four stages of life, offering lessons and gifts that support the development of a balanced life.

Main Hall:
The sky-lit Main Hall features a generous harvest table and lounge seating with a view over an expanded terrace and garden.
Image Credit: Gluckman Tang Architects and Alden Studios 

At Mii amo, it is believed that mind, body, and spirit work together to create harmony within you. Mii amo Wellbeing sessions teach guests how to move, breathe, eat, and sleep so you may achieve a more balanced life and a healthier way of living. From Integrated Breathing, to Empowered Life, to Sacred Sleep and Personal Connecting, guides will provide you with tools to use in your day-to-day life as you navigate how to create harmony within your mind and body.

Sound and light therapy, CBD offerings, and an expanded range of personal consultations have also been added. Bringing the natural world indoors, Mii amo’s new fitness and movement studios offer expansive views of the surrounding red rock landscape. Here guests can partake in daily morning stretches as well as a variety of toning, yoga and Pilates classes led by Mii amo’s team of supportive fitness and mindfulness practitioners.

Also, guests at Mii amo now have access to the Trail House and the restaurant at its sister-property, Enchantment, where they can use a portion of their credit for 7 -or 10-night journeys.

Mii amo is now ready to reemerge from its journey of renewal and expansion and welcome guests again in early 2023, showcasing all-new amenities, accommodations, stunning grounds, and gourmet cuisine. Guests must be 16 years old or older.


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