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Global sales and marketing knowledge is the foundation of our company’s strength and dexterity. Hidden Doorways has garnered significant experience for more than 22 years working with destinations and hotels throughout the United States, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We evaluate global opportunities to develop sales and marketing strategies providing companies with solid solutions and opportunities worldwide.

Whether tasked with increasing exposure in North America; maximizing sales throughout a portfolio of market segments; promoting a product, brand, service, or destination; creating a marketing strategy for targeted international destinations or improving customer service focus – we’re able to create a strategy that we know will deliver the results you’re after.

Consulting, Audit & Project Management

Our portfolio of services offers an extensive array of talents unmatched in the industry which will help ensure the success of your brand and your products. Results are obtained through audits, performance evaluations, time-and-motion studies, as well as staffing, sales training, deployment, branding assessments, and market research.

In addition, our team can be engaged for specific projects such as:


  • Resort and destination consulting
  • Sales strategy review and implementation
  • Business assessments and audits
  • New product introductions
  • Pre-opening launches
  • Marketing plans
  • Positioning and repositioning of products
  • Sales team goals, evaluation, and incentive plans


Our clients specialize in a diverse range of authentic experiences featuring the heart of each destination where they are based around the world. Our collection represents some of the most sought-out properties and award-winning destination specialists in the luxury hotel and hospitality industryforming a rare assortment of gems.

While some are located in cities and others are extremely remote, all are united by their drive to deliver personalized service, quality, and unique experiences. While we tailor our approach to our clients’ individual needs, it often includes refining messaging and market approach, raising a property’s profile among the travel industry’s top professionals and sharing a company’s mission in ways that amplify its originality and integrity.

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