Sales & Marketing


Hidden Doorways is a well-respected global travel consultancy. In the past 25 years, our experiences have taken us to a variety of destinations and one-of-a-kind hotels located in more than 45 countries.

Our sales team resides in key markets across the United States, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Our highly respected reputation, our team’s collective sales and marketing expertise, along with our network of leading travel partners in the luxury travel industry is what sets us apart and allows us to drive unparalleled results for our clients.

Hidden Doorways offers the following representation services:

  • Consulting
  • Sales and Marketing Representation
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Assessment
  • Relaunch and Opening Strategies.


We are known for putting destinations on the map while expanding revenues and creatively solving complex issues for our clients and bringing travelers to emerging destinations. Our customize approach and strategy results from evaluating each opportunity in order to create measurable sales growth, brand presence and business development potential. Our team is highly respected in the luxury travel market. Relationships throughout the travel industry community through one-on-one communications along with attendance at industry events such as trade shows and special events.



Hidden Doorways specializes in discovering hidden gems throughout the world that create memorable and transformative travel experiences.  We advise and direct our clients to become award-winning hotels, resorts and travel companies that take pride in creating special and unique experiences for each guest.  Through our efforts, we establish a deep understanding and respect of each clients’ visions and expectations to create a successful relationship that will create successful outcomes.


Sales Activities • Sales Calls and Missions with all Client Segments
• FAM Trips
• Road Shows
• Industry Specific Trade Shows
• Hotel and Destination Presentations
• Product Training
• Representation at Luxury Consumer Events

Marketing Activities • Maximize strategic relationships and partnerships in key industry segments based on specific needs.
• Creating integrated marketing plans.
• Facilitating promotional strategic partnerships.
• Deploying a monthly company newsletter that reaches a global database of 50,000 travel professionals plus a monthly wellness and
targeted newsletters that reaches a global data base of 12,000+ leading wellness specialists.
• Product positioning and business mix strategies.
• Competitive sales and marketing benchmarking.
• A strategic social media presence.