Restore the Reef at Six Senses Laamu

September 8, 2018 by Hidden Doorways

The Marine team at Six Senses Laamu is paving the way for Coral Reef Conservation and making incredible strives with their efforts to preserve its marine wildlife and coral colonies. In 2016, the Maldives experienced three weeks of 32°C water which caused the corals to stress, expel their algae and for many of them to perish. While new corals are settling on the House Reef since this tragic natural event, the team at Six Senses Laamu wants to give it a helping hand. In collaboration with the Maldives Underwater Initiative (MUI), this 10-person team is making huge strives for sustainability and preservation by creating an active coral restoration program centered on our mid-water coral nursery. Today, the nursery contains 750 coral fragments of more than 10 different species.


Guests at Six Senses Laamu can join the Coral Nursery Researcher on a Restore the Reef dive to collect ‘corals of opportunity’ (corals that have broken off the reef) and plant them in our coral nursery where, once they have reached a larger size, they will be planted back on the reef to assist in its recovery from the 2016 bleaching. Guests will make a personalized name tag for your corals and receive updates every 6 months so you can keep up with the progress once you return home.


Restore the Reef Dive Experience

110++ USD per person for qualified divers

Maximum of 4 guests per guide | Dives held from 10:30 am—12:30 pm

Reservations are essential. Contact the Six Senses Reservations or GEM Team for more information

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