Shinta Mani Wild


Journey to one of the last great wilderness areas in Southeast Asia with the all inclusive luxurious tented camp, Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection. Set within 800 acres and counting of upland forest and rushing rivers, Shinta Mani Wild is a haven to rest your head and heart in the center of it all.

The spirit of the wild is the lifeblood of the destination. The clue is in the name, and that adventurous ethos is embodied from the jump in a truly unique arrival to the camp. Guests zipline over 1200 meters of forest canopy, river and waterfalls to the appropriately named Landing Zone Bar, where your personal Bensley Butler and the GM await your arrival with a refreshing cocktail. Its pioneering architect and founder, Bill Bensley, has designed his wilderness resort to be finely tuned with the seasons, observing the subtle changes month by month and offering intimate insights into the Cambodian landscape. In spring, expect deep rainforest hiking and biking tours when the river waters are lower, the by contrast monsoon moments in summer that see wild elephants reappearing and kingfishers diving as the rivers come bursting back to life. Activities are tailor-made so your thirst for thrill can be quenched in the most personal way. The Bensley Adventure Butlers serve to curate a program of passtimes for every guest, though they equally remind you that the best adventures can be in doing nothing at all.

For those moments of complete surrender, the resort’s Khmer Tonics Spa is ready to cradle you in its lush jungle hillside setting looking out onto dramatic boulders. A menu of restorative treatments – all of which are complimentary – are on offer and use only COSMOS-certified cosmetics. Organic and planet-kind by nature, the spa even uses the nearby river stones in its deep tissue treatments.

Start your day swimming under a waterfall with a picnic breakfast waiting at the riverside. Before the midday sun, you can forage for food that will later be cooked up Cambodian-style for supper. Join the Wildlife Alliance Rangers on one of their daily anti-poaching patrols. Hike, bike, zipline, or kayak to your heart’s content. Then wind down with a seasonal shrub cocktail before contentedly collapsing into the embrace of your luxurious tent.

One of the most special aspects to Shinta Mani Wild’s story is its embodiment of responsible tourism. The Shinta Mani Foundation was set up to provide Cambodians opportunities to overcome poverty. Since 2003, its School of Hospitality has graduated close to 300 citizens from under-privileged backgrounds to propel them into a brighter future. 1,755 water wells, 123 homes and nearing 15,000 health check-ups for children.


To truly bond with the wild is to live within it, and that’s what Shinta Mani has created with its mesmerizing tented camp. Intimate enough to cover by foot, guests follow marked trails and pathways by daylight and as evening falls, the lantern is your guide as you make your way back to your luxurious tent.

Designed by renowned Bill Bensley, Shinta Mani Wild unites luxury travel with committed conservation efforts. He sought to recreate the feeling of a deluxe jungle safari – the sort that would’ve appealed to Jackie O on her royal glamping tour of 1967 during King Sihanouk’s golden years.

At camp, you’ll find 15 unique tents spread along the river valley at the southern edge of the Cardamom Mountains. Quirky, comfortable, and with individually themed decor, open the door and you’re immediately at one with the breathtaking wilderness surrounding you. Generously spread out across 1.5 kilometers of rivers and waterfalls, your tent is your own private sanctuary but one swift call to The Headquaters and your personal Bensley Butler will be at your service in a heartbeat. Here is where you’ll also find the resort’s farm-to-table restaurant, Cistern pool and Landing Zone Bar to ensure you’re suitably fed, watered and rested at every moment of your stay.

Please note the property has a minimum three night stay and the minimum age for guests is 10 years old.


• Restaurant
• Swimming pool
• Bar
• Air conditioning
• Locally sourced products
• Khmer Tonics Spa
• Zip Line
• Walking and keep trails
• Curated experiences


• Anti Poaching Patrol
• Bird Watching
• Butterfly Identification
• Camera Trapping
• Expedition Boats
• Foraging
• Hiking
• Kayaking
• Local tours & Excursions
• Mountain Biking
• Picnics at Waterfalls
• Mountain Biking
• Swimming at The Cistern
• Tailgate Sundowners
• Wellness Spa & Treatments
• Zip Lining


Sihanukville (KOS)

Nestled deep within the wilderness of the Southern Cardamom National Park, in a pristine wildlife corridor, Shinta Mani Wild - A Bensley Collection is an all-inclusive luxury camp with just 15 tents. Entry to the camp is via a 1200 foot-long zip line ride over the forest canopy, rivers and a waterfall. Transfers from/to either Sihanukville (KOS) or Phnom Penh (PNH) airports are included.

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