Meet Scott Bull, Hidden Doorways’ Wellness Expert

July 13, 2022 by Hidden Doorways


Those of you who know me well know that know that my passion for wellness is incredibly important to me.

I was introduced to the Wellness industry at a very young age, as my parents were known in the 60’s as “health nuts”. My father was committed to learning how to train every aspect of the human body for maximum performance, while my mother was focused on achieving the highest quality of life through nutrition. Athletics were also important to our family, and after trying them all, I ended up becoming a competitive gymnast. After I stopped competing, the passion that my parents instilled in me regarding the transformative effects of a properly-trained human body led me to coaching. I had a very successful 20-year career that included being the Head coach of the Women’s Gymnastics Team at UCLA and at The Los Angeles School of Gymnastics. During this time, I became aware of the impact I could have on changing lives in positive ways.  

Over the years I began to understand that, as important as fitness and nutrition are to our overall quality of life, our emotional and spiritual journeys are what truly impact our life choices.

This led me to explore the alternative ways of looking at wellness and at behavior modification. When one understands how and why they are making certain choices, they can then develop the necessary tools to help them make better choices to improve their quality of life. The biggest transformations I have seen over the course of my life have been when the physical and non-physical aspects of the body are perfectly in balance.

When I decided to end my coaching career, I knew that whatever came next would be just as impactful, and I ended up taking a position with Canyon Ranch. During my 15 years there, I was fortunate to learn all aspects of the destination spa business and was given incredible opportunities that I will forever be grateful for.  My time at Canyon Ranch was spent as a Regional Sales Manager, and eventually, Director of Sales. Many of the amazing relationships that I have enjoyed with Travel Advisors began during this time.

In 2010, my departure from Canyon Ranch led me to a meeting with JoAnn Kurtz-Ahlers, and she hired me to oversee the Wellness Collection for her company.  It has been an amazing 12 years, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities that working for JoAnn has brought my way. During this time, we have represented some of the most famous and unique wellness properties in the world.

The collection continues to evolve, and I continue to work with Advisors who I have known for over 25 years, as well as the new Advisors who are just starting out their journeys in the world of Wellness Travel. There are many ways I can assist you all, but I pride myself on being able to match the right client with the right property. I can also assist in looking at ways to start or help increase your Wellness Travel business.

Thank you for allowing me to share this glimpse into my life of wellness, and I look forward to connecting with you all. You can reach out to me here to set up a call.

Until next month,