Living Your Wildest Dreams at Musha Cay

June 3, 2020 by Hidden Doorways

Musha Cay is the escape you dream about when you’re seeking to a Caribbean castaway holiday. The remote resort is owned by famed magician David Copperfield who spared little expense in order to create his ultimate dream magical retreat in the Bahamas.


Set along the Exumas chain of 11 private islands boasting more than 40 pristine beaches-all are yours to explore. Over 700 acres of lush natural beauty belong exclusively to you and 24 of your guests. Discreetly tucked away insuring ultimate privacy on the island are five luxurious colonial manors offering a total of 12-bedrooms and 13.5 bathrooms. Each comes with its own private beach, spacious living, and dining areas. Accommodations range from whimsical to romantic and exotic, all with unique colors in a tropical island style accented with treasures collected by David Copperfield during his worldwide adventures.


We caught up with Theresa McCook, who is the Reservations Manager at Musha Cay, about how Musha Cay’s team creates memorable experiences so guests’ wildest dreams continue to come true.

What makes Musha Cay so unique?

There is something very special at Musha Cay.  The beaches are unreal; the weather is almost always perfect; and the island houses and guest setups are incredible.  What makes us unique though, is definitely our “heart.”  The island team is able to do things that even shock me after 14 years of joining the team.  Our guest events are not “cookie-cutter.” Rather, they are incredibly detailed and customized.  We strive to constantly find ways to “wow” the guests from even the smallest detail to jaw-dropping experiences.


Is Musha Cay considered off-the-grid?

Yes, we make our own water, power, and we are self-sufficient.


How many islands surround Musha Cay?

The Islands of Copperfield Bay consists of 11 private islands, most used for events during the stay.  Musha Cay is known as the main island with the accommodations and facilities. We are located in a quiet area of the Exuma Chain. The closest tourist area is about a 45-minute boat ride.

Can you describe the arrival process at Musha Cay?

Guests are brought to the main Landing’s dock or right up to Coconut Beach where they are met with cool towels and champagne. Luggage is collected separately and placed neatly in each of the guest’s rooms while our Island Director introduces the staff and gives a safety speech. Hors d’oeuvres and crudités are prepared around the bar for a quick snack before staff members show the guests to their golf carts and take them to their houses for a tour. Guests typically settle into their rooms and reconnect with each other at the main beach afterward. Dinner plans are announced and guests are free to explore and relax as staff replenishes drinks and prepares for the evening events.


As Musha Cay is David Copperfield’s passion project, how do you continue to surprise and delight guests with your magical touch?

We don’t like to expose too much, but there are constant fun surprises appearing throughout the guest stay that wow the guests. Everything we do is very customized and special.


Over the years, Musha Cay has welcomed celebrities from Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin plus Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz who have taken over Musha Cay for their wedding and special celebrations. How do you ensure guests’ privacy?

We are in a very remote location and low-key.  Since the surrounding islands are owned by David Copperfield, this creates an added sense of privacy. These islands act as a screen to Musha Cay.


What are some unique activities that your team can organize?

We include a night of Dave’s Drive-in on Coconut Beach which is a large themed event.  We also can arrange very customized events such as Musha Olympics, MushaCrossFit, Magical Treasure Hunts, Fireworks, Steel Drum Bands, DJ’s, Remote Island Hikes, Laser Tag, Escape Room and some other secret events.

Can you share some of the most memorable dining and guest experiences that your team has organized?

We once did a secret celebrity wedding on the sandbar.  Only 4 out of the 36 guests were aware that the host and hostess were getting married that day.  The way things came together that day was magical.  Everything just fell into place.  I couldn’t imagine having a more perfect wedding.


How is the dining experience unique at Musha Cay?

Musha Cay selects remarkable chefs from around the world to create the perfect menu for you and your guests. In the planning stages of your visit, Musha Cay collects food and beverage preferences and dietary restrictions from each guest attending. This allows our chefs to create a menu that is completely customized for your stay. A personal Chef also enhances guests’ menus depending on the catch of the day of the freshest fish paired with fruit salsas from island-grown trees, and other gourmet dishes to satisfy even the most discerning palate. The local catch includes lobster, tuna, wahoo, grouper and mahi mahi. For oenophiles, there is a 500-bottle wine cellar, and a Sommelier available for wine tastings that can be arranged at an additional cost.


Depending on the mood, guests can enjoy an intimate candlelight dinner at The Landings or a the Balinese Beach Pavilion which is also an extraordinary spot for daytime, open-air lunch buffets, as it is adjacent to Musha’s swimming pool and one of our many perfect beaches. For adventurous guests, the team can arrange dining escapes around Musha Cay’s private sandbars or the surrounding 11 islands or one of the 40 private beaches or romantic hidden cove.

How many staff members are on the island?

For a typical guest stay, we have a staff of about 35 people.


What are new post Covid-19  guidelines that you will be putting in place?

We are currently waiting for the guidelines to be put in place by the Bahamian Government.  To keep Musha Cay safe, we went into a “quarantine” near the first week in March. We have not let anyone on the island, though our full-time staff is still working on upgrades and improvements.  We are incredibly grateful that Covid-19 has not been reported in the Exumas.  The Bahamian Government was quick to act and has done an amazing job keeping the Country Safe.




Musha Cay
The Exumas, Bahamas

Direct: +1 242.355.4040
Reservations: +1 954.955.8177

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