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March 3, 2023 by The Brando

Photography Courtesy of The Brando

Ushering in a new vision for the resort’s culinary program, The Brando is partnering with famed French Chef Jean Imbert. As part of the collaboration, Imbert will visit Tetiaroa regularly to join his new team composed of Chef Philppe Carême-David (Executive Chef) and Chef Loïc Voron (Pastry Chef) along with the resort’s local, Polynesian chefs. The new concept immerses guests into the history and culture of the private atoll by way of original design and gustative storytelling.

Located on the private atoll of Tetiaroa, The Brando is a luxury resort built upon Marlon Brando’s dream to create a venture of sustainable development that fosters opportunities to get to know both the place and people of French Polynesia.

“Chef Jean Imbert exemplifies the long and noble French tradition of culinary arts, but with a keen eye for modern tastes and changing trends,” notes Richard Bailey, who conceived the resort based on his shared vision with Marlon Brando. “His pioneering way of respecting the past while forging the future is very much in keeping with our hospitality philosophy at The Brando. We are pleased and honored to have Jean bring his passion for gastronomy to the atoll, where his unique culinary skills will blend perfectly with the unique beauty of Tetiaroa.”

 Captivated since childhood by the actor’s films, Imbert was nurtured by Marlon’s respect for the delicate ecology of the atoll and deep admiration of Polynesian culture, which was solidified when he visited The Brando at its inauguration in 2014.

“We are going to tell the story of Tetiaroa by inviting guests on a gastronomic journey that will open both their minds and taste buds to the flavor profiles unique to French Polynesia,” remarks Imbert. “By working alongside local fishermen and harvesting the local fruits and vegetables from our garden, we have the opportunity to return to the essentials of cuisine, which lie in the magic of the raw ingredients.”

Photography Courtesy of The Brando

The new partnership introduces new dishes to three of the resort’s dining venues – Bob’s Bar, Beachcomber Café, and Les Mutinés – accompanied by immersive menus akin to travel diaries you may have found aboard The Bounty, designed by Violaine and Jérémy, Imbert’s artistic directors.

Straight out of Marlon’s personal records, Imbert recounts some of the resort’s greatest anecdotes through cult dishes reworked with his flair. Examples include Brando’s “real Bounty” – a nod to both the Mars-brand chocolate bar and the HMS Bounty ship – which consisted of him breaking a fresh coconut in half and pouring sun-melted hot chocolate on top. He also created an ice cream with secret ingredients dear to the actor, retelling one of his favorite pastimes while filming Mutiny on the Bounty: taking an 18-liter tub of ice cream on a kayak and spending the day adrift.

“Marlon himself was a meat and potatoes kind of guy,” reminisces Bailey, “but he had an abiding respect for the French pursuit of excellence in food and beverage, whether comfort food or high gastronomy. We are certain our guests will enjoy seeing the merged visions of these two pioneers.”

This Spring, Les Mutinés, the resort’s fine dining restaurant, will be refit to Imbert’s unique style with new designs by Remi Tessier, the architect behind “Jean Imbert au Plaza Athénée.” Through a culinary adventure, dinning guests will retrace the steps of The Bounty throughout the world, a journey that culminated on Tetiaroa.


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