Going Back to Your Roots at Southall Farm & Inn

March 18, 2023 by Sarah Dasher

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn

Southall Farm and Inn offers a truly transcendent getaway in Franklin, Tennessee. Just a 30-minute drive from Nashville, this sprawling property inhabits 325 acres of lush, rolling hills, old-growth forests, and active farmland, creating a restorative experience that provides refuge and respite from the bustle of everyday life. Southall is a true passion project founded by Paul Mishkin and his wife Laura who always dreamed of owning their own farm as a way to enhance the lives of those in their community and those visiting.

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn

Southall is dedicated to working in harmony with nature, returning to property management and agricultural practices that nourish the earth and provide guests with access to rich experiences rooted in natural elements, including hyper-local culinary, agricultural, and wellness explorations, each of which is influenced by Southall’s impressive farm program, which lies at the heart of the project.

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn

The property’s farm inspires and informs nearly every aspect of this unique getaway. The fully functioning farm features a 2000-tree apple orchard, an orangerie, and 15,000 square feet of hydroponic and traditional conservatory greenhouses, which house the cultivation of rare and heirloom varieties of fruits, leafy greens, vegetables, and food-producing shrubs and trees, all of which find their way onto the menus of the property’s two restaurants.

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn

Of particular note are the farm’s dedicated seed-saving program and its bee program, which incorporates not only the familiar European honeybee, but also actively raises and protects native mason and leafcutting bees that are more efficient pollinators than the conventionally relied upon honeybee. Both of these practices speak to the farm’s dedication to working in harmony with nature and supporting the biodiversity of the land that it inhabits.

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn

These intentional farming practices produce exquisite ingredients that culminate in transformative culinary experiences at Southall’s two restaurants, the signature Mary Amelia, open exclusively for dinner, and Sojourner, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Both experiences offer menus based on seasonal ingredients that are grown, raised, or preserved onsite, creating a culinary program dedicated not only to craft, but to responsible sourcing practices. Additional ingredients are provided through partnerships with other local farms, creating a truly place-based dining experience unique to this location.

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn

The sprawling property provides the perfect backdrop to any one of the many educational, adventure, and wellness activities available to guests during their stay at Southall. One of the most unique opportunities is the “Honey Tasting Trio,” a 60-minute experience led by beekeeper Jay Williams. Guests are guided on a tasting journey, sampling award-winning honeys accompanied by freshly prepared small plates, and paired with wines expertly selected by the sommelier. This rare opportunity grants guests the chance to connect with and learn from Southall’s chef, beekeeper, and sommelier, all leaders in their fields who take joy in their ability to share their passion for their crafts.

Photography Courtesy of Southall Farm & Inn by Heather Durham Photography

This passion for excellence in dining, hospitality, and land stewardship is evident in every moment of a stay at Southall. From the sustainably-built, spacious guest rooms, suites, and cottages, to the stunning views, 5 miles of hiking trails through old growth forests, and the hilltop sundial for meditation and yoga, Southall Farm and Inn offers guests every opportunity to nourish their minds, bodies, and souls while being immersed in the natural beauty around them.


Southall Farm & Inn

Franklin, Tennessee

Email: reservations@southalltn.com

Website: https://southalltn.com/

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