Our Story

And Company Profile

Hidden Doorways, a KAA Travel Collection discovers, develops, and represents the world’s most unique and unknown destinations and experiences as well as consults on the top travel products globally.

Established in 2002 as Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates, our client-first approach is based on our founder’s formula for success and remains an integral part of our DNA. While this ethos remains at the core of who we are, in 2018, we changed our name to Hidden Doorways-A KAA Travel Collection, to better capture the essence of our mission.

Today, with years of experience, we are proud to represent an extensive list of clients from around the world who offer the most exciting products in today’s market. Our long-standing relationships with expert travel professionals—those with a true appreciation for emerging destinations and exciting new travel experiences—span the globe. Our international team has active sales offices in cities across the country—enabling us to cover all major markets from Mexico to Brazil—and a UK office dedicated to Europe.

Whether meeting a Maasai tribe in Kenya, accessing an unpredictable adventure in the heart of London, or opening minds to a new way of doing business—we take people on journeys yet discovered.


Our clients specialize in a diverse range of authentic experiences featuring the heart of each destination where they are based around the world. Our collection represents some of the most sought-out properties and award-winning destination specialists in the luxury hotel and hospitality industryforming a rare assortment of gems. While some are located in cities and others are extremely remote, all are united by their drive to deliver personalized service, quality, and unique experiences. While we tailor our approach to our clients’ individual needs, it often includes refining messaging and market approach, raising a property’s profile among the travel industry’s top professionals and sharing a company’s mission in ways that amplify its originality and integrity.

What unites the Hidden Doorways team is a love of what we do and our passion to execute with new ideas and innovative collaborations. It’s not an overstatement to say that we pride ourselves on going to the ends of the earth on making anything possible for our clients.

The romance of hidden doorways will never fade. Neither will our dedication to find them – and walk through.