Selinda Explorers Camp


Providing the complete safari experience in a small, intimate package, Selinda Explorers Camp caters to just eight guests at a time. Famous British explorers, Dr. David Livingstone and Fred Selous both wandered this region before the camp was formed and it is in the likeness of their expedition style that it was envisioned. Vintage travel trunks, campaign furniture and traditional canvas tents set amongst the jackalberry and mangosteen trees make for a bohemian-chic vibe. Days and nights are spent tracking the wildlife of the Selinda Spillway. While safari adventures by vehicle are available, guests can also explore the area on guided walks, allowing them to glimpse smaller, incredibly interesting facets of the region that might be missed while driving. This area is known as a wildlife hotspot for its huge herds of elephant and buffalo, lion, wild dog, sable and roan antelope. Travelers will feel as if they have gone back in time when curious explorers chronicled their discoveries around the world.


Under a canopy of towering jackalberry and mangosteen trees, the four custom-designed tents embody the philosophy of exploration, sitting squarely on the earth, connecting guests directly with the pulse of the wild. They’re spacious and stay true to the classic age of safari, when the journey was more important than the destination. A maximum of 10 guests sharing 3 luxury tents and one 2-bedroom family tent located alongside the Selinda Spillway. An additional guide’s tent as required is available. Children from 10 years old are welcome.


•Fully inclusive of wildlife-viewing activities, meals, park fees, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
•Separate en-suite flush toilet and shower area
•Hot and cold water provided on demand for copper vanities
•Private verandahs
•Children’s activities
•Gourmet dining


•Early-morning and late-afternoon/early-evening game drives in open 4x4 vehicles
•Guided walking safaris
•Sundowners in the bush
•Canoe trips
•Bathing by the water, under the stars, in a brass hipbath
•Al fresco picnics and candlelit dining under the stars

Great Plains Conservation

Great Plains Conservation is grounded by a mission to find the right formula of conservation, communities and commerce. Its exquisite collection of safari camps, a study in sustainability, was designed to make a difference in the preservation of some of Africa’s most diverse and threatened habitats. Five passionate conservationists came together with one philosophy rooted in the fundamental appreciation of the good life, good people, good staff and good decisions that make a lasting impact on Africa’s national treasures and for iconic wildlife. Conservationists include Dereck and Beverly Joubert who are renowned wildlife documentary filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in genuine interactions with travelers, wildlife, nature and the local communities which they are able to help through their foundations of Community Uplife, Save the Lions, Save the Rhinos, and Save the Elephants. Guests of the company’s low-impact, high-quality safari camps reap the rewards as they achieve peace of mind in knowing that they are giving back to the environment and local people that inhabit its lands. Throughout Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, the Great Plains team has crafted life-changing safari journeys, which, while leaving no negative trace on the acres they cover, leave an indelible footprint in the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to visit.

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Muan Airport (MUB) to Selinda Camp’s (Category B) airfield whose co-ordinates are S18″33.95′; E23″30.73′.

Selinda Explorers Camp is located in the private 320,000-acre Selinda Reserve in northern Botswana.

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