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Perched high in a grove dotted with East African acacia trees, Mara Expedition overlooks a valley in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. While it offers exclusivity being located on a private area, it offers access to some of the region’s best wildlife. Guests don’t miss out on the intense action of the Maasai Mara’s ecosystem and the 70,000-acre Mara North Conservancy. Mara Expedition offers six tents shaded by acacia trees. The interiors harken back to the days of early explorers with vintage Indian campaign chests and brass chandeliers. Guests rave about the sense of community and conservation at the camp, the bush breakfast picnics, game drives and the friendly people who make it all happen with exceptional service. Maasai Mara National Reserve is a magical spot where travelers cross paths along the plains with teeming wildlife. This is the perfect location to observe the annual wildebeest and zebra migration. Notable ambassadors of the property include National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and acclaimed filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert. Travelers uncover a life-changing experience with photo opportunities that will forever capture their journey at Mara Expedition Camp.


Set at ground level and shaded by the forest canopy, six tents forego fancy amenities but still leave you wanting for nothing. With flushing toilet and hot-and-cold running water, each tent is decorated with an eclectic yet co-ordinated assembly of what early explorers may have carried with them – brass chandeliers, old Indian campaign chests, rich leather and hardwood furniture – combined with rich textiles and soft cottons. But it’s out on the plains of the Maasai Mara and the adjacent Mara North Conservancy that guests really connect with Africa and live the explorer experience, surrounded by wildlife. Mara Expedition Camp can accommodate up to 12 guests with an additional guide’s tent is available. Children from 8 years old are welcome.


• Fully inclusive of all scheduled wildlife-viewing activities, meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
• Private verandahs
• Wi-Fi
• Outdoor dining


• Early-morning late-afternoon and night game drives in an open 4x4 vehicle within the Maasai Mara Reserve
• Hot-air balloon flights
• Visits to local villages
• Community projects
• Stargazing
• Guided Bush Walks

Great Plains Conservation

Great Plains Conservation is grounded by a mission to find the right formula of conservation, communities and commerce. Its exquisite collection of safari camps, a study in sustainability, was designed to make a difference in the preservation of some of Africa’s most diverse and threatened habitats. Five passionate conservationists came together with one philosophy rooted in the fundamental appreciation of the good life, good people, good staff and good decisions that make a lasting impact on Africa’s national treasures and for iconic wildlife. Conservationists include Dereck and Beverly Joubert who are renowned wildlife documentary filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in genuine interactions with travelers, wildlife, nature and the local communities which they are able to help through their foundations of Community Uplife, Save the Lions, Save the Rhinos, and Save the Elephants. Guests of the company’s low-impact, high-quality safari camps reap the rewards as they achieve peace of mind in knowing that they are giving back to the environment and local people that inhabit its lands. Throughout Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, the Great Plains team has crafted life-changing safari journeys, which, while leaving no negative trace on the acres they cover, leave an indelible footprint in the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to visit.

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Wilson Airport (WIL) to Ol Kiombo airstrip inside the Maasai Mara Reserve

Mara Expedition Camp is located on the banks of the Ntiakitiak River, within Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

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