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Great Plains Conservation is grounded by a mission to find the right formula of conservation, communities and commerce. Its exquisite collection of safari camps, a study in sustainability, was designed to make a difference in the preservation of some of Africa’s most diverse and threatened habitats. Five passionate conservationists came together with one philosophy rooted in the fundamental appreciation of the good life, good people, good staff and good decisions that make a lasting impact on Africa’s national treasures and for iconic wildlife. Conservationists include Dereck and Beverly Joubert who are renowned wildlife documentary filmmakers and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in genuine interactions with travelers, wildlife, nature and the local communities which they are able to help through their foundations investing in Community, Save the Lions, Save the Rhinos, and Save the Elephants. Guests of the company’s low-impact, high-quality safari camps reap the rewards as they achieve peace of mind in knowing that they are giving back to the environment and local people that inhabit its lands. Throughout Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, the Great Plains team has crafted life-changing safari journeys, which, while leaving no negative trace on the acres they cover, leave an indelible footprint in the hearts of those who are fortunate enough to visit.


Great Plains Conservation Botswana Camps:
Guests of Great Plains Conservation’s Botswana camps are not only visitors to this hallowed region, but valued partners and agents of positive change through conservation tourism. All camps are built sustainably including using recycled building materials, solar power, greywater recycling systems and even a biogas plant to generate cooking fuel at Zarafa. The Selinda Reserve, home to Zarafa, Selinda Camp, Selinda Explorers and the Selinda Adventure Trails, is 320,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Northern Botswana, at the crossroads of some of northern Botswana’s most prolific wildlife areas.

Camps Include:
• Duba Explorers Camp
• Duba Plains Camp and the Duba Plains Suite
• Selinda Camp
• Selinda Explorers Camp
• Selinda Camp
• Zarafa Camp
• Zarafa Dhow Suites

Great Plains Conservation Kenya Camps:
Stemming from a dedication to conservation tourism and a symbiotic relationship with their communities, Great Plains Conservation’s Kenya camps harken back to the authentic expedition camps of the colonial era, while ensuring creature comforts for today’s guests. The ol Donyo Lodge is presided over by Mount Kilimanjaro, set in between Tsavo East and Amboseli National Parks, an area roamed freely by some of Africa’s last “big tusker” elephant bulls and where lions are being pulled back from the brink of annihilation. Mara Expedition Camp, in the Maasai Mara, is in prime leopard territory – and the annual wildebeest migration occurs, quite literally, outside the guest tents. Guests enter Mara Plains Camp across a bridge over the Ntiakitiak River, through a thick forest, to a seemingly endless view across the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. In a concerted effort not to upstage some of the world’s richest wild ecosystems, the camps are understated and quietly sophisticated with a classic safari style that pays homage to the Swahili and Maasai cultures.

Camps Include:
• Ol Donyo Lodge
• Mara Expedition Camp
• Mara Nyika Camp
• Mara Plains Camp

Great Plains Conservation Zimbabwe Camps:
Great Plains Conservation offers three camps in the unspoilt, wildlife-rich region of Zambezi National Park, which is known for its spectacular birdwatching and its every-increasing number of buffalo and elephant. The Zimbabwe camps are fully inclusive of accommodations, melas, wildlife viewing, activities and more. At Sapi Concessions and Mana Pools National Parks, guests can partake in walking safaris, game drives, canoeing and boating excursions.

Camps Include:
• Mpala Jena
• Mpala Jena Suite
• Sapi Explorers Camp
• Sapi Springs Camp


•Inclusive of all activities, meals, park fees, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
•Professional guiding
•Private game drives
•Canon photography equipment available for personal use
•Wildlife viewing activities
•Complimentary WiFi


•Early morning and late afternoon game viewing in a private open 4×4 vehicle
•Guided game viewing
•Private Picnics
•Wildlife Viewing


Botswana: Maun International Airport (MUB), Kenya: Wilson International Airport (WIL), Zimbabwe: Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (HRE), or Victoria Falls International Airport (VFA)

Great Plains Conservation Camps are located on concessions throughout the Okavanga Delta in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe.

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