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Eleven Experience’s Lodges and Adventures are the epitome of experiential travel. Tucked away in sought-after destinations worldwide, guests explore their world of adventure and awe. Eleven offers a variety of accommodations from western lodges located in Colorado, U.S. to a tropical hideaway in Harbour Island, Bahamas. Settle into a charming chalet in Le Miroir, France, a cozy lodge in Patagonia or the stylish Deplar Farm set in Iceland’s Troll Peninsula to name a few. No matter how remote the setting, each lodge immerses guests into nature while offering soulfully designed accommodations, excursions curated for outdoor enthusiasts, wellness retreats and delicious seasonal cuisine prepared by talented chefs. For those looking to go out to sea, come aboard one of Eleven's vessels that take the live-aboard lifestyle to the next level in the Marquesas Keys, Florida Everglades, Louisiana and Andros in the Bahamas.

Their dedicated Experience Managers are passionate about tailoring the guest experience and matching guests with their world-class guides. Whether heli-skiing near the Arctic Circle in Iceland, off-piste skiing in Colorado’s backcountry, casting for bonefish on a remote flat in the Bahamas, fishing in glacier carved river valleys in Patagonia, or cycling on remote trails leading to stunning vistas, Eleven Experience imbues a different kind of escape from daily routines. Their team has scoured the globe for destinations that are relatively unknown and offer a strong connection to both communities and nature to inspire travelers to make a greater impact on our world through unique travel experiences.


Eleven offers a bespoke portfolio of privately owned lodges and homes set out west in the United States and abroad. Each lodge offers full amenities and service and is perfectly designed for a takeover. Lodges in Colorado and Iceland offer retreats for those seeking to incorporate revitalizing wellness practices into their journey.

Explore the world of Eleven Experiences with their global collection:

Lodges, United States:
• Scarp Ridge Lodge: Crested Butte, Colorado
• Sopris House: Crested Butte, Colorado
• Public House Lofts: Crested Butte Colorado
• Taylor River Lodge: Almont, Colorado

Lodges, Abroad:
• Chalet Hibou: Le Miroir, France
• Chalet Pelerin: Le Miroir, France
• Bahama House: Harbour Island, Bahamas
• Deplar Farm: Troll Peninsula, Iceland
• Rio Palena Lodge: Patagonia
• Cedar Lodge: South Island, New Zealand

Private Expeditions:
• Outpost Mothership: Marquesas Keys, Louisiana, Everglades
• Eleven Mothership: Andros, Bahamas


• Privately Owned Lodges
• Tailored Guest Experiences
• Dedicated Experience Planner and/or Manager
• Best-in-class, knowledgeable Guides
• Complimentary Use of Sporting Equipment (Angling, Cycling and Skiing)
• Complimentary WiFi
• Fully Equipped Gym/Fitness Center
• Pool
• Saunas/Steam Room
• Fully Stocked Bars
• Wellness Retreat Offerings


• Eleven Angling
• Eleven Skiing
• Eleven Cycling
• Eleven Life Wellness Retreats

Eleven Experience

Eleven sets a new standard in experiential travel. Unprecedented adventures and authentic connections are at the heart of every trip. Their down-to-earth guides share a day in their life, so you get to know every destination like a local adventurer. Eleven Experience’s collection of off-the-grid hideouts are intimate in size and located in remote and remarkable corners of the world. Available for exclusive use, their lodges are ideal venues to focus on outdoor adventure pursuits and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

View their COVID-19 Updates for the latest information on how their team is preparing for the health and safety of their guests and team members across their global portfolio of properties.

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Eleven Experience offers a domestic and global collection of privately owned lodges and homes tucked away in off-the-beaten-path destinations and serene settings. Their U.S. lodges are based in Crested Butte and Almont, Colorado. Their global collection spans across sought-after destinations such as Harbour Island, Bahamas, Le Miroir, France, Troll Peninsula, Iceland, Patagonia and New Zealand’s South Island. For those looking to head out to sea, Eleven’s Motherships sails to Louisiana, the Marquesas Keys, the Everglades and Andros in the Bahamas.

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