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July 19, 2022 by Perrie Hartz

A parade of monks enter a local Buddhist pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar | Photo Courtesy of Asia Concierge

A travel design company with over 25 years of experience, Asia Concierge specializes in the art of travel through Asia and Southeast Asia. This innovative company strives for excellence while it aims to always inspire clients with truly unforgettable travel experiences that are exclusive and off the beaten path.

Photo Courtesy of Asia Concierge

With an unmatched network of local connections along with their intimate knowledge of the vast region, they create meticulously crafted specialized events and Travel Dossiers, which are paired with stylish and authentic hotels that make clients feel like a part of the destination. Asia Concierge’s extensive product range was built with a deeply rooted understanding and appreciation of Asia’s rich and diverse cultures, and their custom itineraries are offered throughout the region, including in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and China. Below is a look at a few of the incredible journeys they currently offer:


Once one of Indonesia’s hidden gems, the stunning island of Nusa Penida lies off the south coast of Bali. Asia Concierge’s lavish itinerary was designed to allow guests to experience the incredible beauty of this island in style, ensuring the highest level of comfort and luxury. This Travel Dossier is for those seeking a truly luxurious experience, from arriving by private helicopter, to staying in an opulent, fully-staffed cliffside villa, to returning to Bali onboard a private yacht. Outings include visits to iconic spots like Kelingking Beach, Broken Beach, and Angels Billabong, a natural infinity pool framed by rocky cliffs that juts out over the ocean. A visit to the east coast introduces guests to some of Nusa Penida’s less-trafficked hidden gems, like Giri Putri Temple and Atuh Beach, one of the island’s most beautiful spots, where clients will snorkel in aquamarine waters and enjoy a catered gourmet picnic lunch.


Asia Concierge’s incredible four-day itinerary into the northern reaches of Tu Le & Mu Cang Chai takes visitors to some of Northern Vietnam’s most rugged and spectacular mountain landscapes. This trip is timed perfectly to see the vast rice terraces as they are being planted, an experience that brings one deep into the rural heart of Vietnam and far away from the more commercial areas. Guests will get to watch as the fields are actively ploughed, planted and nurtured, and as the rice paddies then turn into shoots of green as far as the eye can see. Elsewhere in Vietnam, Asia Concierge also offers a three-day retreat to the offshore island of Con Dao, a true hidden gem and tropical hideaway that offers bucolic beaches, crystalline waters,  lush forested landscape and a quaint sleepy town.


Go island hopping in Thailand with Asia Concierge’s Travel Dossier for the famous island of Phuket includes tropical beaches, majestic landscapes, breathtaking viewpoints and countless activities, starting with the ultimate overnight sailing adventure on a unique luxury cruise through the limestone formations of Phang-Nga Bay. The itinerary also offers a visit to Phuket Old Town for some local culture and a hike to see the island’s incredible viewpoints. A private helicopter excursion to view the islands from high above is a truly unforgettable experience. While Asia Concierge always showcases the very best of the island, they also make sure to provide guests with knowledge and insight into Phuket, whose culture and history is more than the idyllic coastline that surrounds it.


Asia Concierge’s Signature Angkor itinerary takes guests on a comprehensive temple adventure that incorporates various places at the famed Angkor, together with a rich array of both natural and cultural attractions. One of Asia’s grandest and most famous historic and cultural sites, the temples of Angkor continue to draw thousands of visitors each year. Asia Concierge’s diverse tour takes in all the main highlights of the temples with a range of special inclusions sure to please even the most discerning of guests. The itinerary includes gourmet cuisine, exploration along hidden paths and exclusive spots, elephant conservation, a private sunset cruise, and intimate and exclusive cultural performances that truly take guests into the heart of Angkor.

Kampot & Kep, Cambodia | Photo Courtesy of Asia Concierge

With these and many more incredibly detailed, highly curated itineraries, Asia Concierge has perfectly honed the art of couture travel. Their innovation, commitment to quality, and service level driven by truly passionate and experienced individuals sets the tone for who they are, as well as for the kind of exclusive experiences throughout Asia that they can offer their highly-discerning clients.


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