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July 5, 2021 by Hidden Doorways

“OCTAVE TIPS” is a new column from Octave Institute, who oversees the immersive wellness retreat, SANGHA Retreat set in Suzhou, China. Learn top lifestyle tips from their wellness experts in an easy and accessible way, advising on everything from diet, breathing, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, and healing, helping to foster a happy, healthy and comfortable attitude to life and way of living.

OCTAVE TIPS 07: Healing

The hypnotic vibrations of sound, which is proven to heal the soul, is anything but mysterious.


There is a phrase in Chinese that is used to describe a particular state of mind and body – “shen qing qi shuang.” In this state, we are clear headed, full of motivation, and able greet the new day with a positive mental outlook.


However, there is often too much going on in modern urban life to find a moment of peace.


People living in the city experience many pressures, which can lead to insomnia, anxiety, irritability and restlessness. If we are trapped in any of these states for too long, we will not only lose our ability to concentrate or work efficiently, but it will be detrimental to our health and weaken our immune system. So, how can we work through this to return our mind and body to a comfortable state?


Learn more about sound bowl therapy from Amy Wu, a Fitness Coach at SANGHA Retreat.


What is singing bowl sound therapy?

Singing bowls, also known as Himalayan bowls, are made by smelting, refining and handcrafting metals from the Himalayas. Singing bowl sound therapy uses singing bowls to help the heal the body by employing a sound-related healing method.


In Asia, the use of singing bowls can be traced back 3,000 years, to the Bronze Age. People have long used the energy generated by the curative vibrations of the singing bowl to resonate with the body and mind, thus restoring balance to them.


Today, all over the world, singing bowls are used across a wide range of fields, including by oncologists, psychotherapists, masseurs and yoga practitioners, to promote relaxations and help settle and soothe people’s bodies and souls.


How does the Singing bowl resonate in the heart?

There are several ways to play a singing bowl, but the two most popular techniques are: rimming and striking.


With rimming, the mallet circles the rim of the bowl, which can be placed directly on the body. This technique spreads the sound vertically and with a strong force, which helps to clear any congestion in the body.


When striking, the mallet simply strikes the outside of the bowl. This propagates the sound horizontally, and its wavelength is clear and loud. It not only resonates in the body, but also opens the heart.


Singing bowls can help us to quickly enter a relaxed and calm state.


Who is singing bowl sound therapy suitable for?


People who sleep poorly or suffer from insomnia.

The singing bowl’s low-frequency sound can help the brain to quickly relax, ushering in a deep sleep and effectively regulating sleep quality.


People who are sedentary, tired and physically demotivated.

The sound wave made by the vibrations of the singing bowl can promote microcirculation in the body, increase the blood’s oxygen content and help improve the circulatory system of the body.


People who suffer from emotional instability or are constantly under pressure.

The special “pure tone” of the singing bowl is consistent with human nature. The high-frequency sound in this pure tone can help address depression, while the low-frequency sound can calm a restless mind, helping to release stress and return to a tranquil state of relaxation.


People who are looking for the essence of the heart.

From the ancient wisdom: “When you know where to stop, you have stability. When you have stability, you can be tranquil. When you are tranquil, you can be at ease. When you are at ease, you can consideration. When you can consideration you can attain your aims.” Here, the word “consideration” means “filtration”. What do you filter? The impurities from your heart. In the process of listening to the sound of the singing bowl, the impurities in our hearts will be dispelled, and our mind will gradually grow. In the long run, we will have the opportunity to see the essence of the heart and return to its core.


How does the singing bowl heal?

At the physical level, singing bowls can help us relax, improve circulation, reduce tension and pressure, relieve pain and improve digestion. At the same time, singing bowls can also have a positive impact in fighting signs of aging, detoxification, purification, strengthening inner energy, and releasing fear and anxiety.


On a psychological and emotional level, singing bowls can help restore balance to the nervous system, relieve stress and mental tension, and keep emotions balanced and stable


Describe the power of the mysterious voice.

Sound is an element that can directly reach the realm of enlightenment. Singing bowls, dingxia, the human voice… each has a different frequency and power of penetration that can help people to become enlightened.


In the harmony and resonance of the singing bowl, the business of the day is forgotten, the cells in the body feel cleansed and returned, and the body feels peaceful, relaxed and harmonious. This kind of intertwined, layered sound transcends music and gives into the depths of the soul, leading you to your inner wonderland.


Early in the morning, the sound of singing bowls is close to that of birds in that both serve to awaken the cells from their slumber. In the singing bowl’s harmonious resonance, the finest high and low frequencies stimulate the mind and body, arousing a sense of connection between you and the universe, and leading to a perfect state of being at unity with all things, filling the mind and body with vitality.


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