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June 21, 2023 by Perrie Hartz

Side streets in Tokyo. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

A travel design company with over 25 year of in-depth experience, Asia Concierge specializes in the art of experiential travel throughout Asia. Using intimate and unmatched knowledge of this vast region, this luxury DMC creates meticulously crafted, highly-curated itineraries that inspire incredible moments and make travelers truly feel like a part of the destination. Asia Concierge aims to inspire unforgettable and unique travel experiences that are not part of the mainstream, outdone only by the awe-inspiring beauty of Asia itself. These upscale, custom adventures are offered throughout Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, China, and, most recently, Japan.

Tokyo Skyline. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

The newest addition to Asia Concierge’s already-vast portfolio, Japan is one of the most highly-sought-after destinations for well-heeled and discerning travelers, and now this DMC is excited to provide inside access to some of the country’s most incredible spots. Clients will venture far off the beaten path to explore areas beyond their comfort zones, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in a place filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Many of these adventures reflect the changing interest in Japan’s tourism industry, which is moving away from the traditional, historical experiences travelers are used to, and towards exciting, modern, culturally-rich activities. From Kyoto to Tokyo to the Islands of Seto, take a look at some of Asia Concierge’s unmatched Japan itineraries that explore the famous cities, hidden gems, and best-kept secrets of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sushi Chef in Tokyo. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge


Sushi Making

In one of the world’s greatest food cities, foodies—and especially fish-lovers—will have a truly once in a lifetime experience as they learn to make sushi with a 4th Generation sushi master in Tokyo. The day will start with renowned Chef Yoshi at the famed Tsukiji market— though no longer the home of the world’s biggest fish market, it is still a fascinating place to visit, and a great spot for foodies to pick up souvenirs, from dried seaweed to razor sharp specialty kitchen knives. Guests will then head to Chef Yoshi’s restaurant, which has a rich history dating back 80 years. They’ll then get to don a chef’s coat and learn how to make Japan’s most iconic food from a true master (and of course, enjoy eating the results).

Tokyo Bar. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

Bar Hopping

Travelers looking for a real taste of this incredible city off the beaten path will love experiencing Tokyo’s thriving cocktail scene with a renowned local mixologist. Tokyo’s bar culture is unlike anywhere else in the world. Bars are small and intimate, often only as big as your living room, and bartending is treated as an art form, one which the Japanese take very seriously. Tokyo has an astounding 30,000 bars – over 10 times more than NYC or London. Author and whiskey connoisseur Nick Coldicott has amazing connections with bars and bartenders throughout Tokyo and is able to get into places that are usually reserved for regulars only. Asia Concierge has organized an evening on the town with Nick that opens doors to the incredible local mixology scene and gives guests an insider look into the lively and exciting bar culture of Tokyo

The Islands of Seto during Cherry Blossom Season. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

The Islands of Seto

Nature and adventure lovers may choose to spend 6 days in the Seto Inland Sea region of Japan, populated with thousands of stunning, off-the-radar islands, big and small, each with its own distinctive charm and attractions. Previously one of the least visited parts of Japan, The Seto Islands are one of Japan’s best kept secrets. This itinerary eschews big cities and instead spends time on rural landscapes, exploring life in Japan as it was centuries ago. Travelers will revel in local wonders, from traditional water towns to modern art museums, breathtaking cycling routes, and historic bathhouses. The Seto Inland Sea is the perfect place to witness the unique blend of old and new that characterizes contemporary Japan.

Naoshima. Photography Courtesy of CNN


Once a tiny fishing island with a rapidly shrinking population, the island of Naoshima has transformed itself into a world class contemporary art destination in recent years. Home to galleries, museums, and with art installations dotted around the island, it has become a mecca for art lovers.

Ryokan Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge


The beautiful island of Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands that make up Japan. But what Shikoku lacks in size, it makes up for with its unspoiled natural beauty. Historically isolated from the mainland, the island of Shikoku has developed its own unique culture and traditions. Here, guests will have the chance to stay in a ryokan – a traditional Japanese inn that offers a unique and authentic experience. Ryokans typically feature tatami-floored rooms, futon bedding, and hot spring baths known as onsen.

The Islands of Seto. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge


Originally the region’s center of Buddhism as far back as the 8th century, Ikuchijima is a stunning sun-kissed island that moves at a slow pace and is known mainly for its sprawling lemon fields covering its hill slopes that are truly a delight to the eyes and nose. Leisurely bike rides along the seafront allow for relaxed island exploration, taking in the spectacular scenery and pleasant citrus-scented sea air.

Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

Rural Japan

Those traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto will love Asia Concierge’s 5-day/4-night overland itinerary that takes them on a path much less travelled between the two cities, heading out to the sea coast, deep into the mountains, and exploring the mysteries in between. With some truly luxurious and unforgettable accommodations and a 2-star Michelin dining experience at the bottom of the Northern Japanese Alps, it is an unforgettable, truly immersive adventure through a part of Japan that most travelers don’t even know exists.

Japan’s bullet train, also known as the Shinkansen, is a true marvel of modern engineering. Travelers will start off on this ultra-high-speed train and experience the comfort, speed, and efficiency in the first-class car of one of the world’s greatest transportation systems.

Woman in Kimono in Kanazawa. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

The first stop on this countryside tour is the charming castle town of Kanazawa, a hidden gem in Japan, offering a peaceful escape from the bustling cityscape. The city also has a thriving contemporary arts scene, with numerous museums and galleries showcasing both local and international artists, and its location on the Sea of Japan has made it famous for having some of the best seafood in the country. Taking a step back in time, guests will also have a chance to visit Higashi Chaya, the only functioning geisha district outside of Kyoto that is home to preserved wooden buildings, meandering canals, and local artisans.

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

This itinerary takes travelers to local, hidden-gem dining spots that they would normally not have the chance to experience, like the tiny restaurant Zeniya. This small restaurant is unique in that it does not have a menu; the chef will create a customized meal for each guest based on the best ingredients of the day, the weather and temperature, and the guest’s food preferences. Fukumitsuya Higashi is a sake bar run by Fukumitsuya sake brewery, the oldest in Kanazawa. Here, guests will learn all about sake, and of course have the chance to sample a range of local bottles.

Kutaniyaki Japanese Ceramics. Photography Courtesy of Asia Concierge

Guests may choose between a few different cultural experiences, including a Zazen Meditation session in a family temple founded in 1600 and a craft lesson creating unique Kutaniyaki porcelain at one of the local kilns. This porcelain is famed for its elegant designs, characterized by exceptionally vivid colors. Guests will meet the artists and artisans that design and create stunning tableware, look at their techniques, and learn how to apply gold leaf to colorful Kutaniyaki porcelain objects using professional tools.

L’evo Restaurant. Photography Courtesy of Hidden Doorways

Next, a journey into the mountains of Toyama prefecture commences. Home to the spectacular Northern Japanese Alps, a world class dining and accommodation experience awaits here. Located in a canyon at an altitude of 1,000 meters, the spectacular L’evo was created in the image of the mountain village that once existed here. Consisting of 6 buildings – a restaurant, sauna, and accommodation cottages, L’evo is surrounded by verdant forests in summer and covered under a thick blanket of snow in winter. Perfectly remote and peaceful, the only sound here is the constant rushing of the fast-running Toga River along the valley floor. L’evo’s restaurant, which currently holds 2 Michelin stars, is helmed by Chef Eiiji Taniguchi, who regularly forages for ingredients in the forests surrounding the property and has built a network of collaborators who share the best from their farms, breweries, and vineyards. The restaurant also features cutlery, crockery and serving dishes created by local artists. Dinner here is sure to be the highlight of any itinerary—it is a unique, immersive, and spectacularly sumptuous dining and cultural experience hidden in the verdant countryside between the mountains and the sea, where the heart of Japan truly lies.


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