Sangha by Octave


Creating a mindful space and immersive retreat for the wellbeing, Sangha by Octave is a sprawling holistic wellness sanctuary located in Suzhou, China. Known as the “Venice of the East” with its intertwining canals through its storied streets. The resort, inspired by Taoism and Confucianism, is nestled on 46 acres along the shores of the serene Yangcheng Lake peninsula adjacent to the Chongyuan Temple. Combining Chinese and Western approaches, Sangha by Octave aims to connect guests with nature and find the harmonious unity between one’s inner self and its surrounding environment by weaving Octave’s philosophies. These include personal mind-body assessments at the AT One Clinic, culinary and wellness programs, guided meditation, spa, yoga, plus a community space and Quantum Leadership Retreats. Immerse yourself on a journey to holistic wellbeing.

OCTAVE is a curated well-being platform that fuses Eastern wisdom with Western science to support your journey to self-clarity and well-being. Its Chinese esoteric wisdom can be integrated with the latest western science.


Sangha by Octave is more than just a wellness retreat but a community for holistic healing. Designed by Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown of Brooklyn-based architect firm Tsao and McKown, it boasts three types of accommodations ranging from: AT ONE, VILLAGE and SANGHA Villas. Each offers a space for mindful learning, a holistic wellness retreat, alongside a mix of residential villas and serviced apartments. Guests seeking a wellness retreat will stay at AT ONE, where the team will provide guests with a body-mind assessment and evaluation. The VILLAGE is Sangha’s Interactive Learning Community area to provide a comprehensively versatile community space for purposeful learning and living. While SANGHA Villas comprises of 101 lakefront villas, ranging from 7,104-13,993 square foot, for those looking to have a permanent residence.


•AT ONE Clinic
•Meditation dome
•Movement rooms
•Family Learning Center
•Health clinic
•Hydrotherapy circuit
•Central Air conditioning (individually controlled)
•Complimentary WiFi
•Community Farm
•Fully-equipped Fitness Center
•Indoor Pool at the Wellness Clinic
•In-room television
•Minibar with complimentary bottled water, tea and coffee
•Restaurant serving nutritional cuisine approved by doctors
•World-class Spa featuring a banya, infrared sauna, hammam and steam room


•Community and Family learning
•HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes
Hydrotherapy Circuit
•Guided Meditations
•Kniepp Walking
•Life Coaching
•Signature Spa treatments
•Sound healing courses
•Tailored mind-body assessments, wellness programs


Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)

Sangha by Octave is an hour drive from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA). Alternatively, fly into Shanghai Pudong International Airport, just under two hours away by car. The Suzhou Industrial Park is the closest station, just a 15-minute drive from the hotel with China Railway services connecting to the city of Suzhou. The Kunshan railway state is a 10-minute drive or the Yangcheng Lake exit of Shanghai Nanjing Expressway.

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